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Beginners Guidelines for Designing Mobile Website

Updated on April 1, 2011

Now a day’s popularity of smart phones are increased, and there for mobile application usages also increased. Mobile website and mobile application specially designed for mobile platform. And now mostly company which is serious doing business they are going to develop their mobile version website, for mobile user audiences. due to massive increased visitor in mobile user, website design for mobile are in demand, so we have to learn must for this technology, and here i am sharing few simple tips for creating website for mobile version.

Some tips

First of all, w3c standard create a accessibility guidelines for mobile handset platform. So we have to use it in very good form, first main thing  you have to keep in mind while you start deign that you are working for very small amount of space, so what look good in full screen which is likely useless for mobile platform.  In tabular we know that which is not completely going right, so we use CSS based layout with using XML and XHTML for less bugs. And also try to avoid use of JavaScript or flash, because not all mobile phone support java or flash features.

User Interface

Our user interface needs to open a website in mobile platform. So website for mobile is completely different form desktop website because its open in mobile. So you need to use less text boxes as compare to desktop website. Also make more use of dropdown boxes, radio button , list boxes for gathering information.  And don’t use popup because mobile have very less space to show them. The same way doesn’t open navigation in new windows.

Simple Design steps for mobile website

A pattern website very rarely translates into the mobile platform. Your mobile version web is very simpler than your main website. Your navigation structure must be to redesign as per the compatibility issue. And you may to eliminate number of images and graphics as compare to your main website. It’s all about to depend on the mobile smart phones, so you have to design site as per the standard Smartphone can show them. And also you give one simple toggle button to switch the layout as per the version.

And very important part is navigation, your navigation make just like navigate very easily, because it’s very difficult to click on text link to a single keyword, so make it in big large button.

All smart phones are not design equally, it’s impossible to design a universal website which can open and see perfectly on all mobile browsers.

All mobile browsers doesn’t support the html mark-up for html element and also different mobile have different screen size. This switching makes browsing easy for users, but it means you can’t used a fixed width-go with a percentage instead.

Having a mobile version of your website can pay big in increased traffic and market sales, but you have to create that mobile site professional, attractive and very easy to navigate.


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