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Being Green Isn't Easy

Updated on June 8, 2011

Subsidized Fraud?

This article isn’t about Kermit the frog. It’s about the entire nonsensical idea of wind energy and government subsidized fraud. How can anyone conclude otherwise? It’s costly and unpredictable. Windmill farms consume capital, destroy valuable landscapes and are totally dependent upon government subsidies. Not even in the windiest positions do windmills produce more than 1/4th the power needed to be cost effective.

In effect windmills have become highly visible political symbols. Symbols spelling out the political message “See how we are saving you?” They then fleece tax payers with new “green taxes.”

Around 1968 the Danish government introduced the Great International Windmill Scam... just one of many to come. This folly was clearly explained by the advisor to the Danish government by Professor Finn R. Forsund of Oslo University, in an interview printed inPolitiken2/1/95.

Global Warming

he concept windmills will help prevent a climate catastrophe caused by CO2 under the best circumstances is an unproven theory. Increases in atmospheric CO2 content could also be seen as beneficial. Plants need it to produce clean oxygen.

Critics emphasize ALL means of producing electricity are nothing more than converting one form of potential energy into another. The process always creates adverse effects and/or waste. Generating electricity by any fashion is not without consequences. In fact, the only reliable forms of energy are nuclear and fossil fuels.

Carbon Emissions

Not one windmill in the world can honestly show profits or evidence of helping the environment. All run on subsides, rather than wind. You might say windmills just blow a lot of hot air. And there is growing worldwide opposition to propeller style wind turbines because of the extreme danger they pose to birds and bats. In Canada, recent studies of bird and bat mortality at Wolfe Island’s 82-turbine wind farm, found 600 birds and over a 1,000 bats were killed by windmill blades during a six-month period. Over the last 25 years in Altamont Pass, more than 2,000 golden eagles have been killed by the blades.


Migratory Birds

The most serious impact is the slaughter of migratory birds. A perfect example is the Whooping Crane that travels 2500 miles only to die in the thousands of spinning blades along their migration route. The critically endangered Egyptian Vulture is another migratory victim.

Many countries have begun to realize the wind turbine idea isn’t working. Instead It has become a huge waste of resources and destroying valuable wildlife habitats. They aren’t reliable and can’t supply the amount of electrical energy needed to be feasible. And the required resources land, infrastructure, rare minerals, etc. is clearly unacceptable to anyone who has a calculator. This is not including wind turbine noise and vibration which has become another serious problem. People have reportedheadaches, tinnitus, panic, sleeplessness, itchy ears, body aches andlack of concentration.

Its true fossil fuels do spew pollutants into the atmosphere. But fossil fuels carry distinct advantages. They are relatively plentiful and cheap and extremely dependable. The other alternative, nuclear fuel is also relatively plentiful, cost effective and produces a predictable flow of electricity. However there are health and safety concerns with nuclear power as well…but they are not unmanageable. The amount of nuclear waste produced during average lifespan of a human can fit in a soft drink can and can be stored. In fact, technology allowing, it could conceivably be reprocessed at a later date for additional energy.

Regardless of how many are built, energy from the inefficient propeller style wind turbine will never come close to solving North America’s energy needs. So, our choices are, burn fossil fuels, build nuclear reactors or break out the candles. It’s clear no nation is going to give up their standard of living in pursuit of emitting less carbon dioxide into the air.

But we have the raw material, nuclear fuel, with its virtually unlimited energy along with the intelligence to use it. Therefore we should concentrate our efforts in developing solutions to safety and storage waste storage problems.

It’s not particularly important we prove conclusively carbon emissions are responsible for global warming or climate change. Although facts have recently come to light indicating the whole shebang has been a fraud. It may be years before concrete evidence is forthcoming or it might never be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt. In either case it is obvious we still have to come up with alternatives for fossil fuels to produce electricity.

Climate science is complicated. Weather and climate can’t be controlled at our whim, therefore it’s unreliable. Why wait if there is an alternative? At least nuclear energy actually works!


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    • JY3502 profile image

      John Young 7 years ago from Florence, South Carolina

      Good Question. I don't know...hey, I just write 'em I don't make'em! :-)

    • CASE1WORKER profile image

      CASE1WORKER 7 years ago from UNITED KINGDOM

      wind thingummys are built from composites- how do you get rid of the composite- they dont bio degrade- landfill seems about the only option- so whose energy are they saving