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Being Productive On An iPad

Updated on September 6, 2017

First of all, what is being productive?

Well, as per definition, being productive is being able to do a lot of work. But I’d rather say, being productive is being able to consume all of your potential in doing what you love. Basically it just depents on what you’re passionate about.

For some people, being productive may even mean to be able to earn some extra bucks. But ultimately if you don’t like what you do, you’ll end it eventually.

So! It all comes to your passions and dreams!

Now! Coming to what you’re here for! Being Productive on an iPad!

As iPads are getting relatively cheap these days, probably most of you reading this would be considering to get one. (Recently an iPad was released for just $329 for the base model)

You might be wondering if an iPad would be good for what you want to do? So, listed are some tips and suggestions you may find useful-

Are you a Blogger or do you Write Articles? An iPad would be great for you!

  • As an iPad can come in just the budget of around $300, don’t mind picking one up if you blog or write articles! iPad is a good way for taking notes too! iPad comes with an awesome battery! It could easily give you a great full day of battery life and its equipped with a great standby time too that could last upto 3 days in some cases. I would like to recommend that you should get an external keyboard too. Check out logitech keyboards as they are of a great quality and even the prices aren’t high as well.
  • You can write articles for people and earn money out of it! Blogging too can be a way to earn money!

Are you an Artist? Buy an iPad Pro + an Apple Pencil!

  • I‘d highly suggest an artist to get an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil! They together would give you a great experience doing all of your artwork! You may have to get some paid apps too like Procreate, but its just a single one time investment. And as you might know Apple products last quite long! And now with the new upgrade of iOS 11 coming later this year, it would get hell lot easier for the users to interact with their iPads.
  • You can even make good amount of money out of your iPad Pro by making logos, posters and much more! Check out for this matter!

Love to watch YouTube Videos/Movies?

  • You want to have a device with a good screen size on which you can watch YouTube or movies on the go? Grab an iPad!
  • If you travel a lot and want to get some entertainment while travelling, Go get an iPad! Store your movies or save youtube videos offline! Get an Apple sim and of course a wifi+cellular version of the iPad. It lets you to choose any carrier all around the world. It really comes in handy if you travel a lot.

iPad for Music Production!

  • Garrage Band is a great way for you to start producing music! Its easy to use and comes with some good options.

Want to Learn and Program?

  • Apple lets you to learn programming in swift in a very easy and interactive way.
  • You can get an iPad if you‘re interested in developing apps and want to learn it in a very easy way. Apple has its own app known as Playgrounds in the App Store which is absolutely free!
  • Apps like coda are available with let you to program professonally.
  • Lego Mindstroms programming can be done on an iPad.

Interested in Photo Editing?

  • The App Store has a good variety of phtoto editing apps.
  • Apps like Lightroom, VSCO Cam, Photoshop express can be very useful in giving some final touches to your photos.

Education And Gaining Information.

  • Apple has great apps like Pages, Keynote, etc. They’re good for a student.
  • iPad is a great way to read books! The iTunes Store has a great variety of books available.

iPad for Gaming.

  • iPad is of course no gaming console but the games available in the app store are quite well handled by an iPad. Its really fun to play games on an iPad than on an iPhone or a smaller sized screen.
  • You may not consider playing games as being productive, but studies have found out that playing games does make your decision making better.

There might be any other uses of an iPad too, but i found these the most relevant. thank you.

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