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Being Scammed?

Updated on March 1, 2012

Online Millionaires?

Hey everyone i'm doing this blog because like the average person i'm tired of internet scams. We all in this economy could you some extra $$$ but these online scams prey on that weakness alone. I can't even tell you how many emails i've gotten since 2007 about me being a millionare. If this was the case I'd be drinking white wine with the stars in hollywood. These online scams are marketed to suck you into believing that they can make you rich super quick. Even though we know it is doubtful why do we take the chance anyway? I know a lot of us think about that even some extra money would be great so why not give it a chance? This article isn't about not taking the risk to online money marketing but in fact how you can avoid being taken for a ride and loosing your money or worse your identity. So if you wanna still join the fun the of these online money scams here is how you can do it without being left with nothing more than time wasted.

Don't let it be you!
Don't let it be you!

Unplug the holes and Knowing its a Scam

Okay, so lets say you gotten an email claiming to be from an FBI agent saying you have millions of disputed money waiting for you to claim. How do you know if this is real or a scam? Let's expose the holes. First if this really was from the FBI lets think for a moment why would they contact you by email? They have all your information since you was born. If they really had business involving that kind of money they would send someone to speak with you. Second any money that is on hold from offshore accounts in your name you get a letter in the mail from the IRS. Next, most importantly, DID THEY LEAVE CONTACT INFORMATION. If they don't have a phone number to call them back then its a scam. These people will not be willing to leave information that is traceable to them. Be aware if they just leave an email address its a scam. Also, if they are asking for your personal information then its a scam. Think if a company needs your information they call you and tell you to come in. Banks if they take your personal information they say its being recorded. Why? To protect you and themselves, because they have to follow the law upon taking personal info by phone. Never submit personal info to a website that even google never heard of! It's a scam.

How to stay safe!

Alright, well some of this information goes without saying but i just want to personally tip you how i always stay safe when it comes to online scams. First, never give out anything more than your email address to anyone for any reason. This is the number one rule, until you have confirmed if this is legit. If these people are legit they will have data, be backed by google or another trusted website, or have at least have someone you can speak with. (warning always block your number if they have a number you can call) Second, play there own game against them. HOW? Well email them and let them know YOU will be investigating them! Don't tell them how or give anything else besides that, most scammer's will back off after that. If you can't verify whether they are legit or not then don't give out personal info. The deal is, if you are really a millionaire then someone will show up to your door with a badge to tell you so. Don't fall for all these million dollar from home scams. They just want your credit card information. The software they send will not make you rich. It will work just enough then the whole site will cave in on you. Since a lot offer your money back they make sure the program works flawlessly until the expiration date. THEN YOU SEE PROBLEMS WITH THE SYSTEM. At that point you can't get your money back. Those scams are not even worth reading in your email. Just click delete and save your money and a headache.


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