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Beneath a Steel Sky: Remastered for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Updated on May 15, 2013

Coming as something of a trial for Revolution's roster of truly classic point-and-click adventure games on me iPhone, this new edition of Beneath A Steel Sky bodes extremely well. What you get here for the very reasonable asking price is a lengthy, puzzle-filled adventure, which has been adapted to the new format with great attention to detail.

As the 'Remastered' in the title suggests, this is far from a quick and dirty port of the 1994 game. In addition to the entire adventure that PC and Amiga fans enjoyed, Revolution has taken the original artwork by comic book artist Dave Gibbons (Watchmen) and turned it into all-new animated sequences. Don't expect Disney levels of animation, as they're designed to look more like comic panels in motion, but it's a nice touch, and coupled with a boost in sound quality to take advantage of the iPhone's audio hardware over that of a Nineties PC, there's enough of an improvement to the presentation to justify the subtitle.

Beneath a Steel Sky: Remastered
Beneath a Steel Sky: Remastered

Most importantly, though, care has been taken to adapt the interface to the iPhone's touch screen. While it can sometimes be fiddly to hit small items, it's designed to make the interactive points on the screen obvious and as simple as possible to hit, and sliding your finger around in the general area should see the part that you're looking for pop up. Holding down on the screen will also highlight every interactive object in the current area, so you're not going to miss an essential item because the screen was too small.

Additionally, there's an all-new hint system, which starts off with cryptic clues about what you should do next and, eventually, outright tells you if you're still stuck. It's entirely optional, though, so purists - and those who fancy a challenge - don't have to touch it.

Even before the enhancements, Beneath A Steel Sky was a well-regarded adventure among fans, and it still holds up well. Set in a dystopian future where much of humanity inhabits giant indoor cities under the control of powerful corporations, it still manages to contain plenty of humour and likeable characters despite the occasionally dark subject matter. It's a brilliant game, and the v3tione is the ideal medium through which to experience it.


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