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Benefits Of LinkedIn Groups

Updated on July 9, 2016
Benefits Of Creating And Participating In LinkedIn Groups
Benefits Of Creating And Participating In LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are arguably the most powerful aspect of this professional social media platform. People have reportedly built their entire businesses, marketed products and services, sold tickets to events and become leaders in their niche all around a single LinkedIn group. Therefore, there are undoubtedly numerous benefits for participating in LinkedIn groups, but even more to participating in them.

Here are our recommendations as to the reasons as to why you must start a group today. If you are not yet ready to launch one, go on the hunt for some to join. You will reap the benefits.

Personal Networking Opportunities

As group leader, it is safe to say that you will be invited to connect to many of your group members. Connecting outside of your group is another great way to spread the word of your business, your niche, your products or your services.

Send Messages

The ability to send regular messages to group members is a very powerful feature of LinkedIn groups. This may in fact be the most powerful feature. Most websites these days are linked to one of the many email marketing programs around, such as MailChimp and aWeber.

Many of those cost money when your subscriber numbers reach a set point. Instead of having to spend thousands of dollars each year on email marketing you could simply create a LinkedIn group, and send them all a message for free; weekly, monthly or whenever the opportunity arises.

Unfortunately you are unable to brand your emails with a logo or colour scheme like you have the functionality to do with other providers, however sometimes the message is the most important aspect of any email, not the formatting of it.

If this isn't enough of a reason to create a LinkedIn group, I am not sure what is!

Benefits of creating a LinkedIn Group

Groups feature websites and your name

One of the first things people see when they join the group is the website. If it is your group, then it is your website that displays as a feature. Having your name appear as the owner of the group, based off of perception alone, gives you authority. Back it up with quality content and quality discussions and your community will support you and anoint you a leader in that niche.

Brainstorming Community

People that love to belong to a community, love to belong to one where like-minded people gather together. By creating a group, you are creating the opportunity for passionate people to come together, brainstorm and thrive.

Generates Traffic

If you are seeking a new alternative to drive traffic to your business website a LinkedIn group is a great way to do this.

  • Website Link: As already mentioned, your website will feature on the group profile. As a clickable link, group members may visit your site and bookmark it for return or join an email membership for regular updates.
  • RSS Link: A LinkedIn group allows for inclusion of an RSS feed link in the News Section
  • Updates: Regular group updates can include niche-related articles that are published on your website.

Bonus of LinkedIn Groups

And here is an added Bonus!

LinkedIn has built into their groups a function for group managers to automate a welcome message. So not only can you create a group for FREE, advertise your website for FREE, email your members for FREE but also the FREE welcome message that is sent every time a new member joins group is delivered directly to their nominated email account (not their LinkedIn account).

Feel free to customise this message any way you choose. It could cross promote your other social media sites, it could advertise a product or service or it could introduce them to your business and your network.

Sub Groups

The ability to create sub groups is an great opportunity. Your group may be made up of a community of members with different interests or aspects, or they may be located world-wide. Having the chance to create a sub group for one local area or one pocket of the market, means that you can focus detailed conversations and discussions with those that are interested. It may be a way to brainstorm a new concept with a sub group of members that have a particular specialty. Use the opportunity to your benefit.

Content Management

As group manager, you have the ability to manage the content being shared and discussed in your group, and sub groups. This can include sharing helpful content, and removing inappropriate content and or members.

Participating in LinkedIn Groups

Group Participants

As a group participant you will benefit from the generous content that group owners will freely share. Now, of course we must all agree that group owners have their own agenda when creating a group, but the time and effort they will be putting into them does mean that they are also about sharing messages and helping its members achieve their goals.

For those that love to lead, it feels good to have the opportunity to help others. As participants you also have the incredible opportunity to network with all the other group members. Joining in discussions helps to spread the word about you, your skills and your business too so make the most of it and take from the group what you require, and remember to contribute where you can.

LinkedIn is a powerful professional social media platform which provides the opportunities to assist you network, achieve your goals, reach a wide audience and share your knowledge.

Take a moment to browse the current groups, request to join those of interest and if you are up for a fantastic challenge, create one yourself.


Don't delay. Join some groups today. And whilst you are at it, why not create one yourself.

Good luck.

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