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Benefits Of Using Google Plus For Your Business

Updated on July 28, 2014

Google Plus (Google+) is here to stay.

What it's not is just another social media networking site. It is much more than that, and it is fast becoming a very powerful tool for your business. Whilst it appears to be similar to Facebook and LinkedIn, it stands on its own.

Don't get confused between a Google+ personal profile and a page for your business. They are different. Make sure you set up your business page the right way to empower your brand online. The benefits your business can receive from having a profile are very different to what the other social media platforms can offer. And given it is free to set up, it is something well worth considering.

Let's take a look at the benefits in detail.

Search Engine Visibility

With over 500 million users, and continuing to grow, the benefits of communities, hangouts and SEO make Google+ very worthwhile. But there is one added bonus that no other social media site has. This platform has the added benefit of having arguably the top search engine behind it.

What does that mean? Simple.

With the Google search engine on your side, it means your business page will be indexed without question. Everyone strives to be visible in Google. And when you create your business profile, you will be indexed. This alone should be enough to get you on your way to setting up a business page. A strong Google+ presence directly correlates to stronger search engine recognition. While it can’t replace solid SEO strategy, why not enhance your efforts? And it's free!


Every single status update, link you share or content you post on your Google+ business page are indexed extremely fast into search results.

The key then is to optimise your posts with appropriate keywords and create heading 'tags', or 'title tags'.

Add keywords into these title tags his way they will be easily attract the search engine attention and will therefore grab higher rankings.


By creating a google plus profile and linking it to your website or blog, you can claim authorship of your content. THis means that your google plus profile image will show up next to your posts in search results.

Posts tend to stand our more and have a higher click through rate.

Having a Google Plus account allows you to claim authorship of your original content. This keeps your unique and original content valuable and accredited to you, even if content thieves scrape your work.

Furthermore, the implementation of Google Plus means that links and referrals will be weighted based on who they come from instead of where they’re posted. Authorship gives you credibility and power.

Your Google Plus Profile

The About section of your Google+ profile gives you a great opportunity to write about your business. You can write what your business is about, the kinds of products and services you offer. This introduction content will also end up being used by Google as your page’s meta description when it shows up in the search results.

*Pro tip – You can create links within that introduction content that links back to different pages of your site. A couple of smartly used anchor text keywords would be nice, but definitely no keyword stuffing.

Google Plus Profile Links & Title Tags

Profile Links

To make your Google Plus page even more effective, be sure to incorporate profile links. Unlike other social platforms, you can link to other sites throughout your Google Plus profile, thereby strengthening your overall sales funnel. As more people engage with you by sharing and giving you posts a +1, your profile links will suddenly become powerful tools. If you have any other social media profiles, from Facebook, to Instagram and Pinterest, you MUST add them to the links section of your Google+ profile as well. What better way to get a little more link juice and authority from Google than to have your social profiles included on their page for your business?

Title Tags

Be sure to optimize your Google Plus title tags for search engine results. Having a highly optimized Google Plus page is much easier to rank than a standalone website. Add a picture to your profile and an author picture for content that you will claim through “Authorship.”

Who Is The Google Plus Audience?


Who is your target market? Is your business aimed at a particular gender? A particular age group? A particular group of people with a unique set of skills? One of the critical aspects of any business is knowing who your audience is. Is Google+ for you?

Google reports that currently the majority of users on Google+ (67%) are male; and under 30 years of age.

This is an interesting fact and one that should be kept in your mind when publishing and sharing content. As the network continues to expand this is likely to change, but it is in complete contrast to Pinterest which has a majority female audience.

A Few More Google Plus Tips

Posts With Pictures

Posts with pictures are clicked on up to 5 percent more than posts without. Once you’ve optimized your Google Plus presence, you can enjoy Google’s bias in quickly indexing posts that have received a+1.


Google loves fresh content. It considers regular, new and original content as being a good indicator of quality. Did you know that every single time a +1 button is clicked, the Google bot (the web-crawling 'spider' that indexes content) is notified and as a result, the page, or link is automatically re-crawled.

This button therefore is nothing like the Facebook like button. On Facebook when people click 'like' on a post or comment, it helps to improve interaction and edgerank of a Facebook Page, and allows them to share the content. The whole point of the +1 button is to let Google know that you think the page or link is worthy of being in their index. So if an article you have written some time ago gets popular again because of a made for pinterest image and the +1 button is pressed, Google will start to see it as being important and will benefit you.

Google +1 Button

Google+ has a signature 'like' concept. It is the +1 button.

Not only is this easy to add to your website or blog, but the simple click of the +1 button effectively gives a 'thumbs up' or public stamp of approval on a comment, post or link.

By clicking +1, your followers are indicating to Google that what they have just read or seen is trusted and worthy and one that has provided a positive experience.

Make sure your business provides your audience with not only engaging content, but also the +1 button. It offers much more benefit than adding a Facebook Like button to a website.

Why? Simple. When your audience clicks onto the +1 button, the social influence of the link increases. And this improves the link's chance of being considered relevant in search results.

Google Plus Hangouts

Unique functionality of hangouts (live video chats). Not only can you talk with your customers via text but now you can hold video talk sessions with them. What better way to see what they love about you and think you could improve upon. Big corporations spend thousands per year on marketing research. Now you can do it and all it will cost you is $20 for a webcam and some time.

Benefits are not limited to the power of the search engine or the +1 button however. Features including circles, communities and hangouts further assert your brand as the go-to source in your niche.

We have seen lots of powerful reasons for using Google+. And all relate to your visibility in the Google search engine. People pay thousands of dollars to be seen on search engines. Whilst this is not going to guarantee results, this is free promotion which you must introduce today.

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