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Benefits of Rooting your Android Phone

Updated on June 22, 2011

What do you mean by "rooting", "rooted", "root" ?

I recently purchased an HTC Wildfire phone and I must say this is one of the coolest phone (in terms of budget and features) out there..

First thing I checked on the product detail page is if it's "rooted" or not.. Now to explain what "rooting" is.. Imagine...

  • Windows XP computer - Super Adminstrator
  • Linux computer - Root

Super Administrator and Root in both operating systems above are abit the same because they can do anything on the computer that the normal users can't because they are restricted.. So having a "root" or "super administrator" account removes all the restrictions..

Technically speaking, "Rooting" is the process of modifying the operating system on your device (android) to grant you complete control over it.

Benefits of Rooting an Android device

Now, There are restrictions applied on your phone (by the carriers or manufacturers) to prevent you or other 3rd party apps from doing harm to your phone this is the default setting.. Having a rooted phone will remove these restrictions (as what I have said above..) and therefore make you use the full potential of your phone.. Below is the benefits you will acquire once you root your phone..

  • Installing Custom Roms - This is probably one of the best benefit of having a rooted phone.. you can actually change the entire look and feel of your phone plus extend battery life, more cpu power and the list goes on and on... using 3rd party apps for backup and restore, you can easily explore the myriads of custom roms out there..
  • Backup of your phone - having a backup or your phone (contacts, sms, emails, etc) will give you a peaceful mind just in case something bad will happen on your phone.. God forbid.. you can upload your backup to the internet or copy it to a computer just to be safe.. also if you're like me who wants to experiment with custom roms, you can just backup your current phone data so that you can easily restore it..
  • Having a FULL CONTROL over your phone's android OS - this means you can alter your boot images, erase annoying stock apps (stock means the default apps).. you can also add, modify system files if the need arise..
  • Run Special Applications - Do you want to Overclock you device? you can, Do you want to make your device a wi-fi access point? you can.. and there are alot of useful apps out there that would run only on "rooted" phones

A friendly reminder...

if you want to root your android phone just hit Google and type root "phone_model". just bear in mind that if you're not careful it could "brick" (make it unusable) your phone. or it could void the warranty (i doubt it)..

To root or not to root?

Do you like your "rooted" android phone?

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    • isyan profile image

      isyan 5 years ago

      thanks.. unfortunately I have no time for these things as I am busy doing web development jobs.. :)

    • profile image

      Jickie Boy 5 years ago

      Very amazing writer, i want to meet you in person and sign me some autographs!

    • nanospeck profile image

      Akhil Anil 5 years ago

      Awesome. I was searchin wild for the definition for rooting.

    • sepiroth profile image

      sepiroth 6 years ago from Bohol

      Nice one, android boy... he he he