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Benefits of a VoIP landline phone

Updated on September 20, 2012
VoIP Landlines
VoIP Landlines

Are Landline Phones Still Relevant in Today's World?

Almost everyone carries around a mobile phone these days. Even before the era of smart phones, feature phones were ubiquitous and this caused a complete turnaround in the way people work. Whereas previously they had been shackled to land lines sitting in one place all the time, now they could freely move around either in the office, or at home, or even in the car and carry on their business. This has led many people to wonder whether or not it is worthwhile anymore to keep land lines in a business environment. As far as the retail scene goes, the market is falling and fewer and fewer people are opting to keep them at home.

There are a few benefits of land lines though that are of particular importance in a professional setting. It may seem that they are clumsy and inflexible, but in reality they can be a valuable tool in the arsenal of productivity. To start off with, mobile phones are designed for portability not convenience. Anyone who has tried using them hands-free while holding it in place with the shoulder knows how inconvenient it is. You can't do it for long and for certain conversations such as conference calls, it can be very awkward indeed. A landline on the other hand has a receiver that is perfectly suited to the way we communicate. The form factor has evolved over decades and is now standardized and accepted as the best fit for us.

In addition, a landline provides a sense of permanency. A single device can be used by a number of people depending on who is available at the moment. There are a few situations in a business where this kind of setup is called for.

VoIP Landlines

As far as VoIP is concerned, land lines play a special role in the business enterprise. To start off with, they are optimized for use with HD voice codecs that provide clearer and crisper sounds. The shape of the audio receiver as well as the earpiece are specifically designed with acoustics in mind. This is invaluable for long calls where people get tired and don't have as much energy to differentiate between various people's voices.

In addition, land lines can also obtain the latest security patches and software upgrades directly from the SIP service provider or the phone manufacturer. This relieves a great deal of the pressure on an IT administrator who has to ensure that every device on the network is up to date.

Telecommuting with VoIP has never been easier and having a VoIP landline can make the difference between a comfortable and an uncomfortable experience. Contact a local Boston VoIP services Internet telephony service provider to find out how you can get started today in as little as 15 min.


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