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Microsoft Surface 3 12" vs Macbook Air 13.3"

Updated on May 30, 2014

With the recent addition of the Microsoft surface and not having hands on to test typing capabilities it seems advantageous to only assume they did not change the layout of the virtual keys even split, but calling it the new form of laptop is almost laughable considering they spent time with the finicky keyboard/cover that not only doesn't have expandable ports let alone battery but needs a stand that makes you feel like a top heavy motorcycle with an injured donkey. Comes in at 5 because the Broadwell chips hopefully late 2014 if not earlier have not come out and pricing hasn't changed much nor anything philosophical about consumer electronics; arguable, since the Ipad (first tablet).

But if we are talking about weight.... The macbook air has been basically the same for nearly a decade. There might be a reason why the ipad isnt a computer and thats because it was only set for a certain which is not up for debate as I am selling my surface not for the new one because it was impossible to use unless you have toddler fingers and funny that theyre selling point is the same as the macbook air which is portability, which anyone knows that battery life can really kill a party vibe and considering that it almost has double, and THUNDERBOLT BOOM, these are just a few of the critical things that are in computer engineering philosophy marketing. not to mention that when you build one of the 4 configurations of the Macbook airs even though there are two computer... people like different i guess but the 512 8 i7 13.3 inch might not have the resolution it comes standard with a keyboard another it is 300$US (430$ if you include a keyboard) cheaper and not that you need to jump to conclusions but before i was about to fake order the Surface 3 i noticed i wasnt certain i got 8 gigs of ram nor the ability to get an extended warranty. No doubt youll cool for a few minutes before your friend or co worker wants one and sees that you bought a 2k$ tablet.


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