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Best 4K Televisions for 2016

Updated on January 4, 2016

If you've been watching the latest tech releases, you probably know that 4K TVs are the hottest technology nowadays. While a few years ago we were raving about the introduction of the Full HD 1080p TV, now it got 4 times better.

It doesn't matter how you call it - 4K, Ultra HD, UHD or Ultra High Definition. One thing's certain - these televisions produce the clearest image possible. It doesn't get any better than this when it comes to picture clarity.

You probably remember when HD or 3D got out. It was a craze, because it was something new. Now it's time for the ultra high definition to become the standard of how you experience your movie watching.

A 4K TV can deliver a much sharper picture and if the refresh rate is high enough, it can be the perfect device to watch sports, documentaries and Blu-Ray movies.

3D looks a lot better on this kind of television. The first 4K TVs arrived in online stores not long ago. You'll probably notice from the start that they are not cheap. Since the technology is fairly new, it will be a couple of years until the prices actually start dropping, but if you can't wait that long, read on.

If you really want to get a 4K TV and impress pretty much every guest at your house with the perfect clarity and vivid colors, I've picked a few television models, starting with smaller screens and ending up with gigantic sets.

Sony 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Internet LED UHDTV

This is what you might consider an "entry-level" 4K Ultra HD TV, if there is such a thing. It doesn't cost as much as the gigantic ones and offers a great picture quality. It's just like combining 4 HDTVs into a larger one.

The television offers a lot of connectivity options, so you can stream movies from sites like Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, YouTube and HuluPlus.

You can also enjoy high-quality 3D movies on this TV, since it runs at 120Hz. Sony is simply a master manufacturer when it comes to high-tech user merchandise. The TV can be controlled via your smartphone or tablet. It can take on content that's on your mobile device and show it in up-scaled 4K quality.

Toshiba 58L9300U 58-Inch 4K Ultra HD 240Hz 3D Smart LED HDTV

Here is another great affordable option. The Toshiba 58L9300U is a 58 inch 4K Ultra HD TV which features a 240Hz refresh rate for outstanding 3D graphics performance.

You can enjoy a cinematic experience with this TV right in the comfort of your own home. It produces a resolution up to four times higher than standard HDTVs and comes equipped with a dual-core processor so everything runs smooth, as expected.

It can also conver any 2D picture to full 3D. The Trivector technology can help transform any 2D media you play on your TV to 3D anytime you want to immerse yourself in a game or movie.

Toshiba 65L9300U 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD 240Hz 3D Smart LED HDTV

Moving on, here we've got a 65inch Toshiba 4K Ultra HD television. Like the previous TV, this one comes with the same 240Hz refresh rate so your 3D movies will bear the same cinematic feel like they do in the actual movie cinema.

Local dimming technology works on improving black levels in the overall picture quality so everything looks as good as real life.

The set includes a wireless keyboard with touchpad in case you want to use your Smart LED UHDTV for web-browsing.

Sharp LC-70UD1U 70-Inch Aquos 4K Ultra HD 120Hz Smart LED TV

Next on the list I chose the Sharp LC-70UD1U, which is a 70 inch television. It can produce 4K ultra HD resolutions at 120Hz refresh rate.

Like all TVs in this guide, it also allows you to watch 3D movies without a glitch and it features Sharp's proprietary Revelation 4K Upscaler which takes a signal from any source and upscales it to 4K resolutions for a clearer and sharper overall picture.

There are a total of 6 speakers built into this thing, including a dual subwoofer, mid-range and tweeters. This ensures you get a top quality sound, which even audiophiles will apreciate.

Toshiba 84L9300U 84-Inch 4k Ultra HD 240Hz 3D Smart LED HDTV

This is probably the largest 4K TV you can get your hands on. The Sony XBR-84X900 is an 84 inch monster which can turn any living room into an ultra modern movie cinema. The TV features a 120Hz refresh rate and can play 3D content without a hitch.

The 4K X-Reality PRO Picture Engine is the technology inside this bad boy which can upscale any content you throw at it up to 4K ultra HD resolutions. The integrated sound system can deliver up to a total of 50 watts of audio power.

Guess what? Sony throws in a Xperia Tablet Z with your 4K UHDTV. This is better than a standard remote since you can use content on the tablet to display on the huge screen in full 4K quality.

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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

      I'm not in the market for a TV, but your tips and information will help many to make a good choice.

    • Adityapullagurla profile image

      Aditya Pullagurla 3 years ago from Sydney

      What an amazing list ,,, thanks for compiling