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Best 5 Best Laptops for Engineering Students and Engineers 2013

Updated on March 16, 2013

Low configured laptops are good for browsing and watching movies like jobs. But for engineers and engineering students, highly configures laptops are very essential. They need laptops where software like AutoCAD can run smoothly. This software takes too much storage memory and RAM as well as quality of graphics should be higher. To allow latest versions of engineering software, latest Operating System must be installed to. These are the points and examples of laptops required essentially to run these kinds of software.

Sony VAIO E Series

To only install CAT software you need a laptop which has so much free space. Even after installing it, when you will design and save them to hard disk they grab plenty of free space as well. So you must ensure before buying a laptop that it has a minimum of 1000GB of hard disk. Try to consider Sony VAIO E Series which has 1000 GB Hard Disk Storage with 2.60 GHz processor, TURBO BOOST to 3.60 GHz and 8 GB RAM as well.

Toshiba Satellite S855-S5380

AutoCAD like tools use a lot of memory when these are in running mode. These tools use so many database files and each of them are bigger in size and these are stored in RAM in order to access them to your program when you need. So if your CPU processor speed is less or doesn’t meet to the software requirement those programs will take a long time to load or many times they will fail to load and hang the system. Consider Toshiba Satellite S855-S5380 which has 3.4 GHz Processor 15.6 inch screen, battery backup of 6.1 hours and 6GB of RAM.

HP Envy 15-3040NR

Even if your laptop has a good processing speed still it must have a good RAM size otherwise processor won’t be able to process the applications properly. Including engineering applications there are other applications as well which require plenty of spaces in RAM. You should look forward to HP Envy 15-3040NR which has a huge 8 GB of SDRAM, processor of 2.20 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 3.10 GHz.

HP ENVY 17-1011NR

As an engineer or related student you can’t buy those fancy 10 or 11 inches screened laptops. If you do so, you will soon realize that the screen is not big enough for creating those architectural designs which can’t be judged well in smaller screens. So you should go for 14, 15 inch or even 17.3 inch laptop for even better visibility. Like HP ENVY 17-1011NR which has a 17.3 inch screen for bigger and clear display.

Acer Aspire S3-391-9499

It should at least support Wi-Fi. Other than that you should look for extra USB ports for allowing more numbers of connections to your system. Bluetooth and flash drives should be must in it. Acer Aspire S3-391-9499 comes with a 13.3 inch screen and amazing connectivity features. Laptops which are especially made for engineers and engineering students, are configured with latest chips and hardware, and maximum effort is used in these in order to run the heavy engineering applications smoothly. Therefore they will cost more than normal laptops.


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