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The Best Extra Loud Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers

Updated on November 8, 2015

Is it hard for you to wake up to your standard alarm clock? If so, then you need an extra loud and annoying high-pitch decibel alarm from this sonic boom alert clock I mentioned in this post.

Other than heavy sleepers, individuals with hearing loss can benefit from this kind of alarm clock too.

The sonic boom alert alarm clock I'm talking here has a dual functionality to ensure you would not sleep past through your alarm time.

I said dual functionality because aside from the extra loud and annoying sound of the alarm, there's also a bed shaker to complement the alarm sound.

The bed shaker could either be placed under your pillow or mattress, or on the hard surface to create a constant thud sound, and can be stopped only when you rise up from your bed and turn it off.

If you are worried of the next room sleeper or perhaps your neighbor disturbed by the annoying sound, you can just use the bed shaker and place it under your pillow. Or, adjust the decibel tone to a minimum best for you.

Sonic Alert SB1000 w/ Built-in Receiver

Sonic Alert w/ built-in receiver alarm clock has three alarm combinations --loud audio alarm, bed shaker, and flashing light. The user can select either all three combinations, or any two combinations to guarantee the effectivity in waking up on time.There's a test button to explore which combinations work best for you. Plus, this sonic alert boom clock has built-in receiver to pick up transmissions from other signalers.

The clock display is adjustable for a better viewing angle, and the bright green LED display numbers are large enough for easy viewing.

The bed shaker (vibrator) can either make a steady or pulsating vibration pattern.

The volume and tone controls are adjustable up to 113 decibel extra loud.

Sonic Alert is complete with a 9-volt battery backup that maintains time and alarm setting in the event of power failure.

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock Turbo Charged Loud

The Sonic Bomb "SBB500SS" Alarm Clock Turbo Charged Loud is not intended for the faint of hearts-- the alarm sound would certainly rattle you off and make your butt on the edge of the bed:) That's why this alarm clock is nicknamed as the "bomb."

From the powerful bed shaking alarm to a very loud 113 decibel tone and a maximum volume to a very bright flashing display lights, who could sleep past this kind of alarm?

Sonic bomb alarm clock is made of plastic with a metallic-look black body with red control buttons. It really has a nice color combination for me-- black and red. In fact, aside from the nice look of the clock, the powerful alarm has made me convinced that this is the best alarm clock to annoy even the heaviest of the heavy sleepers out there. In other words, I love this alarm clock.

If you don't want the maximum alarm, it can be adjusted to whatever you think is appropriate for you-- the kind of setting that doesn't disturb other people sleeping.

As to dimmer light, it can be adjusted up to 5 levels.

The bed shaker is a 12-volt powerful device.

This has a 9-volt battery backup to maintain time and alarm setting in case of power failure.

Final Thoughts

Like some people I think, I had tried different types of alarm clocks until I came up with the best for me. Choosing which one's best for you, of course, should depend on your health. As I've already mentioned, sonic boom alarm clocks are not for the faint-hearted.

There's another type of alarm clock, the very cool one, I mentioned in other post-- a gentle wake-up light alarm clock which is a sunrise simulator and has nature sounds to complement your pleasant wake up experience. You might be interested to read this post, Best Wake-up Light Alarm Clocks to Wake You up Gently.

Here's how the very loud alarm clock w/ bed shaker works


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