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Best 5 Ultrabooks of 2013

Updated on December 25, 2012

The Debut Of Ultrabooks in 2012

The Consumer Electronics Show 2012 ( popularly known as CES ) witnessed the debut of Ultrabooks. In simple words, an Ultrabook is a combination of tablets and laptops. They have all the sleek, slim and touch functionality of tablets combined with the performance and hardwares (such as keyboard) of laptops. Intel predicts 2013 to be a year of Ultrabooks. It's expected that around 12% laptop-tablet market share would go to Ultrabooks in 2013 and more on the coming years. They have procured the right for using Ultrabooks trademarks and have set up a set of guidelines to accept a device as a Ultrabook. Almost every manufacturers have designed their own Ultrabooks that sticks to the guidelines from Intel.

Should I buy an Ultrabook or Tablet? | Ultrabook Vs Tablet Vs Laptops

Ultrabooks are functionally very advanced than a tablet. Indeed it promotes both content creation and consumption. Tablets are designed for content consumption. If you blog often, then you might find that it's difficult to type long articles on a tablet. But, Ultrabooks will have keyboards ( as in laptops ) and convenient alignments in design that help it to be used for creating content. You can keep publishing things on the go without suffering the burden of carrying a heavy laptop and power outlets for recharging.

Features of Ultrabooks on first look are that it will have 5 - 8 hours of battery backup, sleek and light weight design and a keyboard. If you are a content publisher or someone who does lot of input operations on the go then probably you would fall in love with Ultrabooks.

Could Ultrabooks Kill Tablets and Laptops ?

Well that won't happen soon, in fact, tablets would never be killed by Ultrabooks. Both serve different purposes and is entirely dependent on the functional demand of the consumers and both tend to co-exist. Those who create content may prefer to have an ultrabook and those who consume content would still be happy with the tablet. However, Ultrabooks might overthrow laptops and desktops in the coming years. Dell have already stopped the production of their netbook (mini series).

Lenovo U430u Ultrabook
Lenovo U430u Ultrabook

Lenovo thinkpad U430u Ultrabook

Lenovo thinkpad editions have always evolved for years ( since its years in 1992). Now with the advent of ultrabooks Lenovo has launched U430u ultrabook. Its weights less than 4 pounds and 0.80 inch thin. It has the Intel's super powered Ivy Bridge Core i-processors and a 1 TB harddisk capacity. It's designed to bring all the fun even for professionals who want to keep sync with their business too. The Lenovo U4308 boasts of 6 hours battery life and excellent graphics with NVIDIA discrete graphics chip.

Price :$849

Release Date : Q3 2012

HP Envy 14
HP Envy 14

HP Envy 14 Spectre

HP Envy 14 series is one of the most marvelous Ultrabooks available today. It is only 20 millimeter thick and has a very light weight of less than 4 pounds . The HP Envy make an Ultrabook stand out on its own with spectacular almost-full body class coating . It has a physical volume know and comes packed with plenty of sofwares like Norton Internet Security and Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Price: $1,400

Release Date: February 2012

Samsung series 9
Samsung series 9

Samsung Series 9

Samsung 9 series was under design even before the Ultrabooks were standardized. In fact, its launch was announced at the CES 2011 Samsung have always released cutting edge designs that are lighter and thinner. The Series 9 comes with a 1,600 by 900 resolution screen with both 13 inch and 15 inch variants. It has a enough easily accessible ports and backlit keyboard.

Price: $850

Release Date: February 2011

Lenovo ThinkPad T430u

The Lenovo Thinkpad T430u would be among the first Ultrabook I suggest for 'professionals' . The features are simply mind-blowing and ultra-productive such as a huge storage space of upto 1TB and powered by Intel's Ivy Bridge Core i - processors. It's an extremely reliable model that professionals would love to carry wherever they go.

Price: $850

Release Date: Q3 2012

Dell XPS 13

Dell is back form the hard-hits it got from the tablet market with the all new Dell XPS 13 to enter the all new Ultrabooks market. It has all obviously advanced hardwares like a 4GB RAM, Core i5 processor and a 128 GB hard drive and a mind- blowing design.

Price: $1,000

Release Date: February 2012

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Is the best combo of tablet and laptop ever! It will be released by mid 2012 and will come packed with the touch centric Windows 8. The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga has a touch screen and it's 360-degree turnable. This enables it to be used both as a laptop and tablet as and when convenient.

Price: $1,200

Release Date: Q3 2012


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    • ServandoSilva profile image

      Servando Silva 6 years ago from Somewhere between my Laptop and my Desktop

      I prefer the ASUS Zenbook, 100%.

    • Kadmiels profile image

      Kadmiels 6 years ago from Florida

      the think pad is by far the best the Lenovo ThinkPad U430u