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Best Books to Learn Android Development

Updated on November 9, 2012

What are the Best Android Books for Beginners to learn android?

This is a guide for you to select the best android books available in the market to learn android, start developing in android platform and sell your own apps in the google play store. A basic review about the particular book is also included for the very beginners to understand easily. If you are already an experienced developer, see the section after this for best android books for experienced developers to learn more about android platform and developing in android.

  • Android Apps for Absolute Beginners by Wallace Jackson

Are you a newbie to learn android? Here is the right book for you! Author of this book assumes that you do know nothing about JAVA language, which many other similar books stress as a basic requirement at the very beginning! To develop android apps for the market you have to master the principals of android platform thoroughly, and this is a perfect android book for that. You learn all the basic things about android here, that is to say you can learn how to download the Android SDK, Java Development Kit, and Eclipse, set up the basic eclipse environment to develop android apps, how to install the emulator etc. You can also learn how to create android icons using adobe Photoshop, using transparent background effects etc. This android book is also available as a kindle version. . Once you start to read this book you can start developing android apps right away! So never miss this out!

Hot Features

  • Learn Screen Layout Design
  • Learn UI Design
  • Learn Content providers and Intents and Intent Filters

Highly Recommended

Android Apps for Absolute Beginners
Android Apps for Absolute Beginners

One of the highly recommended books for absolute beginners to learn android

  • Beginning Android Application Development by Wei- Meng Lee

To learn android fast enough this is a great book! You can start from a detailed description about android platform and then glide towards the advanced features. Beginner learner is provided with a huge amount of sample codes, including a How It Works feature, under your android codes, so it is very easy to understand and learn. Also the beginner is provided with instructions for publishing your application in the android market, and about using eclipse for android development

Hot Features

  • Learn Data persistence
  • Learn Messaging and Networking
  • Learn Location Based Services
  • Learn to publish your application

  • Beginning Android by Mark L. Murphy

Have you learned java before? Then this book would suit you best, because the author assumes you started learning android after knowing odds and ends in java! Basic steps of downloading and installing the android SDK are not given, however this isn’t a much trouble because you can follow google’s guide to setup these things very easily, so not to worry, learner! One of the best advantages is that students can download the source codes used in the book from the Apress Website. ( If you have a kindle, there is a kindle version of this book too!)

Hot Features

  • Learn To use selection widgets
  • Learn to show pop up messages
  • Learn to handle application lifestyle events

  • Sams Teach Yourself Android Application Development in 24 Hours By Lauren Darcey and Shane Conder

The Android companion of the popular Sam’s Teach YourSelf in 24 Hours series! The contents are great however the presentation needs to be bit worked on for a little more. The reader is advised to have some basic knowledge of java in order to use the book (about classes, methods etc.) however you can learn from this book while reading a free online article about introductory java because you only need the basics. You have to read the book in order with out skipping the chapters (If you learn android for the first time!) because the code discussed in earlier pages is not repeatedly printed in later chapters. For example if you need to implement 4 buttons, you are taught with the implementation of one, and you are given the task to implement other three as an exercise. This is very good to learn android in a short time, because you start to code on your own!

Hot Features

  • Fundamentals of Android platform
  • Building an Application Framework
  • Retouching your Application with many Powerful Android Features
  • Publishing Your Application

  • Android Development for Dummies by Donn Felker with Joshua Dobbs

If you are learning android for the first time, here again comes a very good choice you have to make. You can learn a lot about introductory android odds and ends, and then dive in to the advanced features in the later chapters. This book will interest you very much because it includes a step by step guide to develop a feature rich Task Manager Android Application. You can learn how to create an account in the android market and start publishing your application, about determining the price for your application, whether it should be free or paid and why etc. etc.( You can also buy this on your kindle)

Hot Features

  • Creating a Task Manager Application,
  • Ten Great Free Android Code Samples and SDK s,
  • Ten Tools to make your development a breeze


What are the Best Android Books for Experienced Developers To Learn more about android?

  • Beginning Android 2 by Mark L. Murphy

This is the perfect book to be bought if you have mastered the first book, Beginning Android by the same authors.( see above)

This book guides you through Working with Containers, Using Selection Widgets, Embedding the Web kit Browser and many more features in the android platform. While this is not a complete- all in one book to cover all the extent in android development, this android book becomes a best choice for the intermediate developer.

  • Pro Android 2 by Sayed Y. Hashimi, Satya Komatineni and Dave MacLean

This android book is essentially for the advanced amateurs and pros. Google’s Android platform 2 is covered almost totally including advanced topics such as OpenGL, Widgets, Text to Speech, Multi Touch and Titanium Mobile. However an introduction to the android development platform too has been provided with this. Also you are provided with a step by step guide to create a Titanium Mobile Project towards the end of the book.

  • Pro Android 3 by Satya Komatineni, Dave MacLean and Sayed Y. Hashimi

One of the best android books for the advanced users. Discusses about Text to Speech, Touch Screens, Using Sensors, Fragments for Tablets and more features, which are sure to satisfy the avid android book reader.

Highly Recommended

Learn Android Gaming!

  • Beginning Android Games by Mario Zechner

To learn android gaming this is a perfect choice. You can learn about android basics, audio and graphical programming, OpenGL ES etc. When you learn from this book you will be not only be able to write games similar to ones discussed in this book, but also to explore more about more advanced gaming in android platform on your own! And plus the author assumes you don’t have any previous knowledge in android at all (If you have, it’s not a disadvantage, don’t worry)

Learning Never ends!

This ends our brief discussion about Best Android Books to Learn Android. I hope you are now eager to go to the market and buy some of the best android books to learn android right away! Bookmark this list in case you wanted to come again! It may be still useful when you start to learn android, to refer back the best android books available out there to learn!


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      I agree with you! Really good collection

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      Kevin Languedoc 6 years ago from Canada

      This is a good reference collection.