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Best Antenna For Digital TV - 3 Best HDTV Antennas For Sale

Updated on June 24, 2011

It used to be, back when TV was in black and white, that any antenna was a bad antenna.  The signal was easily lost, the color wasn't very good, the audio was lacking; these were the times when kids had to stand behind the TV, motionless, perfectly holding the antenna is place. 

Luckily those days have long since passed.

Now you can buy a digital TV antenna that doesn't require any manual holding, receives high quality signals (maybe even a few HD channels), and one that rarely loses signal.  

Are you intrigued yet?  You should be. 

You should be wondering what is the best antenna for digital TV; you should be wanted to know what the best rated HDTV antenna is, what the best antenna for HD reception is; you should even wonder what the best antenna for digital TV converter box is (if that's what you need; it all varies). 

If not, well, I just put those thoughts in your head, so your wondering now. 


3 Best Antennas For Digital Cable 


Terk HDTVa Antenna

Let me first begin by saying that Digital TV can be acquired in two ways.

  1. You can buy digital cable (compared to have analog cable), wherein you have an antenna that receives signals from one network, and one network only. This makes sure you have clarity in all of your channels but, and this is a big but, if your network goes down you lose all you're channels.
  2. You can buy a digital TV antenna on your own and receive free cable signals (all digital, but some will vary in their resolution). The upside to this option is that it's free; the downside is that you won't get all the channels you'd normally get.

The first of the 3 best antennas for HDTV reception is the Terk HDTVa antenna. The Terk antenna is a great antenna for receiving free digital cable signals and therefore falls into the second category.

Check out the features:

  • Amplified HDTV antenna engineered to receive over 50 channels.
  • Optimized to receive all HDTV channels.
  • Can receive signals from distant stations.
  • Oriented both horizontally and vertically.
  • Simple design; easy to install.

The only downside with this best rated HDTV antenna is that you have to manually point it different signals to receive certain channels. ESPN could be in one direction, and NBC in another.


RCA ANT1650 Indoor Digital TV Antenna

Next up on the list of top 3 antennas for digital TV is the RCA ANT1650. The RCA antenna falls in the same category as Terk, as an antenna that receives all the free digital cable channels (You must like the free theme that is going on here).

The different between the RCA antenna and Terk?

Although the price is similar the two antennas are very different. The RCA HDTV antenna is designed to receive all nearby signals at once (it's what's called an omni directional TV antenna). This is great and allows you never have to move the antenna once set up; the downside is is that it can't pick up signals as far away as the Terk HDTVa antenna can.


  • 360 Digital Reception
  • Supports 1080 Resolution
  • Enhances Reception
  • Slim and portable design.
  • Removable amplifier.

Philips SDV2940/27 UHF Digital and Analog Indoor/Outdoor TV Antenna

For those of you who still use analog TV, then the Phillips Digital TV antenna is perfect for you.

Price? Affordable.

Look? Simple and small.

The Philips TV antenna does what all other the other, pricier antennas, don't. It works both inside and outside, as well as receive signals that are both Digital cable and analog. It's a perfect choice for those of you who aren't ready to make the Digital transition, but know that it will happen eventually.


  • Indoor and outdoor reception.
  • Receives Digital and Analog signals.
  • Weatherproof
  • Amplification
  • Compact.

Best Antennas For Digital TV

So there you have it.  The best antennas for Digital TV - well at least in my humble opinion.  Remember that receiving free Digital cables depends on your location; you won't get the same quality or quantity of channels as someone across the country as you (that, though, is the same if you pay for cable). 


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