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Best Anti-spam Solutions

Updated on March 1, 2010

Anti-Spam Solutions

It is always necessary to know the working of anti-spam solutions when it comes to medium level enterprises up to large organizations. Knowing about these solutions would help you to select the best one which fits for your business.  Dealing with Spam and spyware is a serious task and it should be done in a manner that is friendly with your business or organization.

As I mention earlier, anti-spam solutions come in four categories or models depending up on the purpose and usage scale. Let us have a look at them in brief.

Software model: These can be directly loaded to your email server or your dedicated server to start using them. There are a lot of anti-spam solutions which are available as software-based models.  

Appliance model: In this class of anti-spam solutions, the appliance acts as sort of an e-mail firewall where it is placed between the Internet and enterprise mail servers. The anti-spam appliance examines every incoming emails and messages using a great filtering technique so that you can get rid of the spam as soon as you start using the model..

ASP model: ASP stands for Application Service Provider which means that the application resides on a particular computer located elsewhere, and what you’re buying is essentially a data service, in this case e-mail filtering. Anti-spam companies offering the ASP model perform all the spam filtering tasks with great efficiency to ensure that you are getting only the clean emails.

Client-only model: Anti-spam software that is contained on the end-user workstation should be really taken into consideration if the numbers of users are small. The reason is that you can install this on workstations one at a time as users complain about spam, and you can have a control over the way of filtering spam according to the need of individuals. But this model has a disadvantage too. That is, these solutions offer no centralized management or reporting capability, and also, they don’t keep the spam away from your mail servers. Because, they don’t filter incoming messages until they reach the desktop. This peculiarity adds to the disadvantage of this category of anti-spam solutions.


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