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The Best Antivirus Protection - What is the best antivirus protection for your pc?

Updated on January 17, 2011

The best antivirus protection

The best antivirus protection for your computer has to be something that is simple yet effective. You need to be sure that your computer will be protected from the latest malicious software, but at the same time you don't want to be bombarded with so many features and random "security levels" that you can't even tell what you are and are not protecting. Some softwares, big ones, claiming to be the best antivirus protection out there, tend to do this, including top names like Mcafee, and more specifically, Norton antivirus. Everyone claims to be the best antivirus protection available, but frankly, there aren't many options to contend with for being the best antivirus protection beyond the widely known Avast Antivirus.

Why is Avast the best antivirus protection?

Avast has been one of the best antivirus protection software for some time, but has stayed under the radar for one simple reason: When you get popular, everyone targets you. Norton is a prime example of this. Back in the early days of the internet, Norton antivirus was considered to be the absolute best antivirus protection software you could own, the one and only. But over time, they became the best seller, they got commercials made, they became associated with retail chains such as best buy, and new computers now come with free trails to make sure it's the one you choose. Because of this, anyone who is creating a virus is going to keep in mind "whoever is being marketed as the best antivirus protection, has the biggest user base".

Best Antivirus Protection
Best Antivirus Protection

Being the best antivirus protection is dangerous, programs like Norton, Mcafee, Trend Micro, etc, tend to do great, become popular, and then instantly just become a scamming money maker that cant protect anything, simply because they grew too big and truly did become the best antivirus protection, but also the most popular. But Avast managed to avoid this. By keeping away from mass marketing, they have been able to maintain a constant stream of quality software, and have thus stayed the best antivirus protection.

Best Antivirus Protection
Best Antivirus Protection

What makes you so sure Norton isn't the best antivirus protection?

As a technician, you have to know what the newest, best antivirus protection is at all times. What works great now, might not be worth its weight in dirt a year from now (One of the beauties of yearly subscriptions), and you are always getting to see what kind of antivirus protection is being used and coming in most often with infections. Avast is one of the rarest antivirus softwares to come into a shop, and when it does, it's normally not a virus related problem. This alone should tell you that Avast truly is the best Antivirus protection software.

Best Antivirus Protection
Best Antivirus Protection

the best antivirus protection - Would you?

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Is avast the best free antivirus protection? Yes and no

Yes, avast is the best antivirus protection available. Yes, it offers a free version. No, you should not use the free version. Why not? Is it only considered the best antivirus protection if you pay for it? Not at all. The free version does fine for what it is, but why would you possibly risk the security of all your personal information with the FREE version? If you want the best antivirus protection, pay for it.

Think about the best antivirus protection, what is it? It's the security blanket covering you from all the evil in the [digital] world What do you really have on your computer that you care about? Sure, that Dell might only cost 300 dollars, but what about all those family pictures? Your grandparents before they passed away? That trip to the beach with your loved one? The movie of your child's first steps? What about all the iTunes music, the movies and video games you have on there. What about your text documents, emails, and tax records? Can you really put a price tag on all of that? If it all disappears, would you have preferred to have paid for the best antivirus protection software, or would you be comfortable knowing you use a FREE version? I thought so.

Best Antivirus Protection
Best Antivirus Protection

Yes, the free version of any of the best antivirus protection softwares such as Avast Antivirus does just fine, but when it comes to security, you can take no chances. That data is crucial, and keeping it safe is of the highest caliber of importance. Because of this, I always recommend purchasing the paid version of an antivirus, be it you are using the best protection software to date or not. Besides, if they're keeping YOU safe by creating the best antivirus protection, why wouldn't you support them a little?

With all that said, Avast proves to be the best antivirus protection available time and time again. It is constantly being referred to by many online communities as the leading option for both protection and simplicity, and comes at an affordable (or, if you don't listen and still want to avoid paying, free) option to completely cover all your bases with the best antivirus protection you could ask for.

Best Antivirus Protection
Best Antivirus Protection

The best antivirus protection sales

As of the time of publish, Avast is currently offering to save up to $55 on your purchase of the best antivirus protection available, but there is no indication of how long this would last. If you're subscription is about to run out, or if you are currently unprotected from viruses, It may be a wise decision to pounce on this sale for the best antivirus protection software before it goes back to retail price.

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