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Best Apps for Rooted Android 2013

Updated on January 15, 2013
There are 5 apps for rooted Android that can make a techie's life a lot easier.
There are 5 apps for rooted Android that can make a techie's life a lot easier. | Source

There are 5 apps for rooted Android that technical gurus must have in their arsenal. Anyone who knows how to root an Android must have more than basic knowledge. For those who are unfamiliar, rooting is basically overriding the system by gaining access to the core of the OS. Once there, the techie is able to implement a host of changes that can revolutionize the way Android works.

Why the Big Fuss About Rooting

It takes a mild form of hacking to load the 5 apps for rooted Android. Thus, for ordinary mortals, there are many pitfalls that can frustrate the effort. Just imagine that you are taking full control of the system, like a pilot or a driver. Entering the wrong root command can make or break the device in question.

No wonder the big shots like AT&T originally did not allow any form of tweaking for the Android devices they carry exclusively. They were even at some point likely to void the warranty of the device if tinkering were on the way. However, since the mighty FCC of the U.S. intervened, the major carriers have relaxed their policies.

Major Reasons for Rooting

There are many reasons why anyone would desire to make some major changes. First and foremost is that you desperately want the 5 apps for rooted Android in your computer technician's bag of tricks. Another is that a certain application just doesn't cut it for you, so you want to help the system help you.

5 Apps for Rooted Android Revealed

Of all the apps deserving to be in the wish list of rooting aficionados, the Titanium Backup is a preeminent candidate:

·It enables an Android pro to install and uninstall applications at the drop of a hat.

·The app ensures that no data loss occurs in the process of switching between different programs.

·When toying with hundreds of applications, Titanium Backup is it.

Next in the wish list is File Manager because managing files is a necessity for both novice and expert users out there.

CPU Spy would be next in line. It will help you keep track of device performance in ways that even Bill Gates and company are still trying to figure out. While it is a well-known fact that Android is a Google pet project, the general public is inclined to believe that customization is best left to those who are able.

However, this mindset defeats the purpose for which Android was intended, an open system that promotes collaboration for the greater good. That's why the 5 apps for rooted Android can be downloaded from either Android Pit or Google Play. While doing this, two more apps deserve special merit, and these two are InstaWiFi and Network Spoofer.

Network Spoofer is so cool.

·You can redirect all network traffic to your Android.

·Not necessarily for control freaks, this nifty program lets you take care of the times when you might want to ensure that you can monitor all network activity for diagnostic and other reasons.

·Network Spoofer is definitely one indispensable tool for system administrators.

·InstaWiFi lets you share your WiFi connectivity with just about anyone.

·The application lets you replace the complicated password system for sharing your WiFi connection with a personalized or user-friendly one.

·You don't have to hand out strips of papers to your WiFi guests in order to savor your connection.

Just remember, while messing with your Android roots, with great power comes great responsibility. No doubt, the five apps for rooted Android will not only keep you looking cool. It will also keep you organized and at the top of your game.

InstaWiFi is one of 5 apps for rooted Android that can make connecting to this mobile WiFi access point device so convenient.
InstaWiFi is one of 5 apps for rooted Android that can make connecting to this mobile WiFi access point device so convenient. | Source

5 Apps for Rooted Android

Which of these apps for rooted Android would you like to try for 2013?

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    • SaffronBlossom profile image

      SaffronBlossom 4 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      I am not technie, so this Hub was very interesting to me! I had no idea you could do that with an Android.