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Best Blackberry Curve Cases and Covers

Updated on September 16, 2012

Blackberry curve cases

Blackberry Curve is a very popular phone. If you are a proud owner of a Curve you may be is in search for some great cases for your Blackberry Curve. A case that will be reliable and beautiful. The cover must depict your personality. Here is a list of some great covers for you. These are among the best of blackberry curve cases.

1. Flower 2D Case Cover (price $3.99)

This cover shows beautiful flowers on your mobile. It is a sleek cover which fits perfectly with your Blackberry. It provides great protection from scratches. It can absorb a bit of shock. Flower 2D also protects the phone from dust. At only 3.99 usd this case is worth buying.

2. Zebra Hard Case Cover (price $3.99)

This cover is great for protection against accidental fall. The cover is nicely designed with black and white like a zebra’s hide. This design is quiet unique, yet simplistic. The Zebra Hard Case Cover is reinforced with hard plastic to stand rough usage and shocks.

3. Green Hard Case Cover (price $3.99)

Go green, this will be the motto of the generation next. You may also join the party by going for green. This green cover is rubberized to give your blackberry curve a good protection. Hard plastic is used to reinforce it. It is quiet easy to fit with the phone. This cover has appropriate openings for proper keyboard and pins usage.

4. Blue Back Case Cover (price $3.99)

For the lovers of blue this cover will be most welcome. This azure cover shall have the capability to protect your curve from the torture of your toddler. This case has perfect fitting with no rough edges and is very durable.

5. Leopard Case Cover (price $3.95)

This case cover is colored like a leopard skin in white,black,red,blue and purple. It is very durable. It is also reinforced with hard plastic. If you accidentally drop your blackberry this case will protect it from breaking. Usual dust particles can do no harm penetrating this case.

6. Purple Love hard Case Cover (price $3.80)

Purple love has a romantic theme. This one of the best covers for Blackberry curve is perfect as a gift for the loving couples. Priced at only $3.80 this cover is brilliant in its design and perfect in fitting.

7. Ballistic HC Case: ($28.95)

This high quality cover is a little bit pricey from the rest. It is seriously shock proof. It has the protection of advanced five layers. It has a belt clip which can be rotated in 180 degrees. It also have an plastic backup layer. Definitely it is worth buying.

8. Capdase WCBB8520-1001 case cover for Blackberry Curve ($21.99)

Capdase WCBBB8520-1001 case cover is one of the best blackberry curve case covers available in the market. This case is strong and beautiful. It is made of pure leather. This premium leather case has built in memory card and sim card holder. It also have a detachable belt clip.

9. Flip Holster Black Clip ($7.81)

This cover is of very good quality leather. It has a soft interior cushion for the extra protection of your blackberry. There is a memory card slot and a place to hold a credit card. This blackberry curve case is priced at 7.81 USD.

These are among the best case and covers for your Blackberry Curve. There are many more. You can choice from your favorite style and color to cover your blackberry.


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    • pinappu profile image

      pinappu 6 years ago from India

      Yes this Case is nice and beautiful.

    • egadget profile image

      egadget 6 years ago

      Wow!..I like Capdase WCBB8520-1001 case cover for Blackberry Curve but its expensive.

    • Anurag2008 profile image

      Anurag Ghosh 6 years ago

      Nice list!

    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Some of these are quite nice. I like the ballistic HC case. I don't have a blackberry, but will send this over to someone who does. Voting this Up and Useful.