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Best Blackberry USB Charger

Updated on June 25, 2011

The perfect accessory!

Every phone owner can relate to the problem. Youve gone to stay at a friends or are on a long journey, you take some unexpected calls and by the time you get to your destination the low battery light is flashing. For most Blackberry owners, that much anticipated light that shows you have a message becomes a dreaded yellow colour warning light. To avoid this scenario having a range of charging options is the solution. Below are some of the best Blackberry  USB chargers along with some other useful Blackberry charger products.

Blackberry USB Charger

There is no doubt that in today's hi-tech environment a USB charger is one of the most convenient ways to charge your Blackberry. If there is no electric point nearby you can charge it from your laptop or in an Internet cafe whilst away on a trip. However many are put off having 'yet another cable' to mess up their work station or clutter of their bag. A retractable USB charger is the way around this problem. Connecting your Blackberry to any USB port with the minimum of cable. This fantastic charger means it can be stored easily in your bag, in the car or your briefcase, giving you piece of mind.

Standard USB charger for Blackberry

 For home or office use a standard Blackberry usb charger may be more appropriate. If power points are already fully used then a usb charger connected to your PC or laptop can be a handy way to charge your Blackberry.

Spare batteries and chargers for your Blackberry

The days of expensive spare batteries for your blackberry are gone. Today they can be had very cheaply and a fully charged spare battery is a great alternative to bulky chargers. combine a spare battery and USB charger for your Blackberry to ensure you never run out of juice! Why not keep a spare battery and charger in your car to ensure that you always have a fully charged battery ready to go.




Ultimate car adaptor for your Blackberry USB charger

 Want to charge your Blackberry in the car without unplugging your ipod? forgotten to charge your Blackberry before a long camping trip? On a road trip and arguing with your partner over whose phone to charge first?

Well this innovative car charger from Scosche solves all these problems and more. With its dual USB sockets you can charge two devices at once, meaning you can charge your Blackberry and plug in your USB spare battery charger.

Solar Charger for your Blackberry

 For the ultimate 'go anywhere' power supply for your blackberry get yourself a solar charger. The internal battery can charge directly from the supplied USB cable or utilise its own solar panel. This charger made by Scosche also comes with a windshield mount cradle for use in the car or train as well as a universal karibiner attachment for use on your bag to maximise sunlight exposure. With this stunning piece of kit you are sure to always have power when you need it.

Cases for your Blackberry

If you are looking for a new case for your Blackberry, either stylish or practical have a look here at our blackberry case recommendations. A case can increase the life of your phone extensively; these cases are sturdy and stylish.


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