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Best Bluetooth Headset 2016

Updated on February 19, 2016

In the last couple of years, Bluetooth headsets have become the most important accessory for serious cell phone users. Bluetooth headsets allow the hands-free use of wireless devices, a feature which became very important when states started to require the use of a headset, while driving.

The number of headsets and phones that support them have increased dramatically. Of course you aren't only limited to phone use. Bluetooth technology can be used to connect to the web, stream music wirelessly or even transfer files.

I have selected some of the top new Bluetooth headsets and shortly reviewed them in best Bluetooth headset 2016.

Best selling Bluetooth headset 2016
Best selling Bluetooth headset 2016

Motorola H17txt Bluetooth Headset

The Motorola H17txt Bluetooth headset is 3.5 x 1.8 x 7.9 inches and weighs eight ounces. With this Bluetooth headset you can safely talk on the phone while driving, as well as listen to your text messages. It also has voice prompts that let you know what the battery level is, how to connect your phone to the headset, and much more.

The H17txt has RapidConnect, which is a feature of the headset that allows you to answer and end your calls by simply flipping a switch. Another feature of this headset is CrystalTalk. This feature enhances your conversations by automatically adjusting audio settings to take out all background noises. This Bluetooth headset also has MotoSpeak, which allows you to listen to your text messages through the earpiece. With this feature you can set up automatic responses to reply to the text messages. This comes in handy when you are driving; you can listen to your text, and send an automatic reply that you are driving and will get back to the person. You can also listen to music, as well as get directions through this headset.

This Bluetooth headset also allows you to connect two phones to the one device. That way if you have separate phones for personal and business use you can have them both linked to the same headset. This earpiece will allow you to walk up to 33 feet away from your phone and still provides clear audio. You can get up to five hours of talk time with a full charge. This Bluetooth headset also comes with multiple gels and ear hooks so you will be able to find a combination that gives you a comfortable fit.

BlueAnt T1 Rugged Bluetooth Headset

This Bluetooth headset is designed to produce high quality sound in the most difficult of conditions. It is equipped with Wind Armour Technology which gives you clear sounds even with wind speeds of 22 miles per hour. The earpiece has dual microphones that have Voice Isolation Technology that cancels out echo and wind noise. It has A2DP streaming that allows you to listen to music, as well as receive information from your navigation system.

This earpiece is lightweight and comes with a variety of ear hooks and ear buds. It has an interactive audio help that will instruct you on how to connect your device. It announces who is calling, and will read your text messages to you. It can hold up to 2,000 contacts for easy dialing. It also has six hours of talk time with a full charge.

Top rated bluetooth headset 2016
Top rated bluetooth headset 2016

Jabra Go 6430 Bt Dual Link Headset Incl Bt USB Dongle Jabra Go 6430 Bt Dual Link Headset

The Jabra Go 63430 Bluetooth Dual Link Headset is 7.5 x 5.7 x 2.8 inches and weighs 11.2 ounces. This Bluetooth earpiece allows you to switch between your cell phone and softphone. The USB Dongle allows connection with your softphone and is compatible with Microsoft Office Communicator. It has a works up to 300 feet with soft phones, and an up to 80 feet with other cell phones. The Jabra Go has a dual microphone Noise Blackout system and an advanced Digital Signal Processing ability that greatly reduces background noise.

This Bluetooth earpiece has touch sensor controls that control the volume, and also has a mute button. It has multifunctional buttons that controls the answering and ending of calls, call rejection, redial and switching between calls. The Jabra Go also has a voice activated dialing option. The Jabra has up to six hours of talk time and a standby time of one hundred hours.

Motorola H790 Bluetooth Headset

The Motorola is our best budget bluetooth headset pick of 2016.

This Motorola H790 Bluetooth Headset is equipped with Motorola's CrystalTalk which notably reduces background noise. It can be connected to two different phones at the same time. It has automatic voice prompts that will tell you what the battery life is, when the phone is on mute, and much more. The Motorola H790 has a range of 33 feet and has up to five hours of talk time. This Bluetooth headset is very lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Best Bluetooth headphones 2016
Best Bluetooth headphones 2016

BLUE FOX BF-401 Universal Behind the Neck Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

These Blue Fox, behind the neck headphones are easy and comfortable to wear. They are different from the regular Bluetooth headsets as they are more like a pair of headphones. They have tiny ear buds that fit comfortably in the ear, and a headband that can fit on the head or behind the neck. They are 5.32 inches wide, 5.37 inches tall, 2.5 inches thick and weigh 1.08 pounds.

They can be connected to a cell phone and a music player at the same time. The headphones will automatically stop the music from playing when a call comes in, and return to playing music when the call is over. On the front right side of the headphones there are buttons that control the battery and the phone controls of the headset and the buttons towards the back right side of the headset are the music controls.

With this headset you have the ability to answer and reject calls as well as redial and transfer from the headset to the phone. This device also allows you to control call waiting. This headset has a battery life of seven hours for music play, and eight hours for talk time.

I hope you found best Bluetooth headset 2016 helpful. You might also like to read best mp3 player 2016 and best PDA phone 2016.


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