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Best Browser For SEO

Updated on February 25, 2010

Mozilla Firefox For SEO Works

Firefox is already one of the best free software available on the net. It is a very flexible browser which offers a wide variety of options to tweak and configure according to the user needs. No other browser offers such a site. We are all familiar with the website for tons of Mozilla addons and plugins. As soon as a restart after an installation, everything is ready to go. These are the common facts that we all knew about Mozilla Firefox as a browser.

But there are a lot of advantages of using this pretty software hen it comes to Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. It has already claimed to be the best browser for Search Engine Optimisers. Now you may think what does a browser to do with SEO and related concepts. Yes there is something great about this fact.

Free SEO Addons and Plugins For Firefox

It is the wide variety of plugins and SEO addons which make the browser different from other ones in the SEO point of view. If you surf the web or any website, you are able to get the SEO related info of that particular sites. For example, Alexa Rank Information, Mozilla Rank, Page Rank, and more. If you want detail info or statistics on that, just click the buttons and you would get it all for free without loging into any service or so.

What I want to Introduce you is the world famous SEO plugin developed by (By Aaron Wall). Just visit the site and register for free and you will get this useful tool as a free gift to learn about SEO on the go. The tool is really effective and accurate. It provides you a handful of SEO information like Traffic Stats, SEO competition and more. Grab this tool now itself and just integrate it with your Firefox.

Just Watch the video to know more about the tool and how to use it to get the most out of it.

SEO Firefox

SearchStatus Addon

Another handy tool or addon is called SearchStatus. Download and Install it. It sits on your bottom right corner and provide you necessary SEO related details.


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