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Best Buy Microcontroller Kit For Projects | Pic Microcontroller kits

Updated on April 8, 2012

Microcontroller Kit For Microcontroller Based Projects

Are you in search for to make the best Microcontroller based Projects? For those who are looking to buy a good microcontroller kit I can't suggest a better one than the Nerd Kit’s Microcontroller kits.This avr Microcontroller kit is a nice mixture of electronic parts and knowledge, which together will teach you all about digital electronics, embedded systems, and how to bridge computers with the "real world".There are lot of things you can do with microcontrollers.Today it is used from a bikes digital speedometer to accuracy of a rocket launcher.Microcontrollers are especially suitable for dedicated environments which requires special software and have special time constrains to work.

Unmatched support for you Microcontroller Kit & Projects

An LCD screen is an essential device, for any projects that require a person to interact with the circuit, . After you get the avr microcontroller kit delivered , you can register in the company's member’s website . Microcontroller kit comes packed with the 82-page color PDF document - the Official NerdKits Guide , which even teach you through setting up two smaller projects and temperature sensor project , which gives you all the knowledge you need to tackle your own projects along the way. Most importantly, you are not going to waste your time by simply getting stuck with the cicuits, they have a fast growing Microcontrollers community of skilled customers worldwide, if you get stuck on the way their team is always available to help you up.

Kit With Microcontroller LCD and Sample Programs For Projects

This avr microcontroller kit also provides the LCD driver code and examples of how to use it so that even beginners can enjoy LCDs in their microcontroller projects. LCDs are great for debugging and NerdKits intergration makes it really easy to use them and cut-off the time wasted on clearing trival bugs. When i checked the codes out i found even my favorite code of the LCD driver. I know how time consuming it can be to implement and debug a parallel interface, having written a small LCD driver for the 8055.Like this, each NerdKit comes with a ton of sample code.For anyone learning the basics of AVR C programming this is very helpful. Additionally, they have lots of free videos, project ideas, and source code on our website! You are not going get such a rich resource support from any other microcontroller kit vendors.

Microcontroller kit with helpful pdf manual for projects

I was really impressed by how easily you can set up and run the avr microcontroller kit in minutes with the eighty two-page pdf guid.Usually it can be difficult to configure an expensive programmer and the avr-gcc compiler, but not with NerdKits .This avr microcontroller kit's customer downloads page is exceptionally convenient.For learning microcontrollers and doing related projects this is doubtlessly the best one stop shoppable Microcontroller kit.They make it easy. And the best part is, unlike an Arduino kit, you're still writing the AVR C code and interacting directly with the AVR microcontroller.

Exceptional Features Of Microcontroller Kit & Projects

The people working behind this microcontroller kit has done a great work in designing this microcontroller kit. I appreciate the education they give along with the nerdkit. To Sum up, while there are lots of other electronic kits online, the nerdkit microcontroller sets stands out from the rest of them by:

  • Outstanding support (from the team and authors) and dedicated interest in helping customers with technical advice and support on any topic.
  • You will learn how to place your customized code into the chip by using the open source tools like avrgcc .It strengthens your interaction with the LCD and MCU.No useless add-ons for installing pay-for-feature tool chain GUI for programming the microcontroller chip.
  • You will find a lot of interesting things you can accomplish with the extra parts.on their community which you can join after the purchase exceptional complementary educational materials are provided that contain in-depth explanations and project ideas .
  • There is also an active Community forum in which you can sign up, there people with similar interest shares ideas and their own projects each other.
  • Clear explanations and Easy to follow instructions - the accompanying guide however works really well to unmask seemingly difficult subjects to understandable concepts.This is very much essential when it comes to a technically error prone subject like microcontrollers.
Simply, you cannot go in the wrong way with the nerdkit if you are looking forward to start a good microcontroller based project or with microcontrollers and electronics in general. This Microcontroller Kit is highly recommended!


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    • profile image

      Bikash kumar sahu 

      7 years ago

      Respected Sir,

      I am Bikash kumar sahu.Now i am pursuing my program in Energy Technology in Tezpur University,Assam.Now i am continuing to my major project.In my major project, i required some electronics materials like PIC micro controllers . I have little bits of ideas about this.So,if you have some quotations kindly forward to my mail. and i would like to purchase voltage sensors,current sensors,temperature sensors,timers.Kindly give some quotations if all are working with same microntrollers.

      Thanks and with your regards

      Bikash kumar sahu

      Tezpur University,Assam

      Department of Energy

      PH. No. 09706617920

    • profile image

      final year projects 

      7 years ago

      You have provided many ideas for projects,thanks for sharing :-D

    • profile image

      Java .net comparison 

      7 years ago

      Very informative and interesting project reports , useful and helpful to us...

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Thanks for sharing such useful information.



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