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Top 5 Best Camcorders under $300 in 2013

Updated on February 1, 2013
Best Camcorders under $300 Canon Vixia HF R300
Best Camcorders under $300 Canon Vixia HF R300 | Source

Looking for an awesome video camera on a budget?

When it comes to affordable video camera devices, technology gives an amazing array of camera equipment to choose from in the budget range. Many of these have bigger optical and digital zooms than camcorders that cost 5 times as much a few years back.

Shortcut here to Amazon's top-rated best-selling camcorders under $300

If you are looking for an inexpensive video camera for filming, vacations, special occasions and fun home movies, or You Tube filming read on, We have a carefully selected list of the best camcorders under $300 in 2013.

Enjoy the selection of these top 5 video cameras that is based on movie quality, easy of use, consumer reviews and rating and overall value for money.

Panasonic HDC-HS80K HD HDD Camcorder

Panasonic HDC-HS80K HD HDD Camcorder (Black)
Panasonic HDC-HS80K HD HDD Camcorder (Black)

At just under $400, the Panasonic HDC-HS80K comes with 4.7 out of 5 stars. Reviewers love this camcorder's sharp, high-quality video, great sound, and highly compact size that makes it easy to take with you and easy to hold.


What does the Panasonic HDC-HS80K have?

The Panasonic HDC-HS80K has an intelligent 42x zoom and 33.7 millimeter wide angle lens. Panasonic's Intelligent Resolution technology allows you to use the higher zoom while still preserving the quality of your image resolution, giving you the sharpest image possible even at maximum zoom.

It also has built-in hand shake correction, so if your hand is moving, you don't have to worry as much. It even has a blur detection system, that, with the push of a button, you can activate easily. This is also an HD model.

This camcorder comes with an improved zoom mic function to help you capture the sound that goes along with your video. Best of all, they also threw in a wind noise canceling function, eliminating that annoying effect you sometimes get shooting video outdoors on a breezy day.

Multiple modes may be set on the HDC-HS80K so that you get the best video possible.

Why does Canon Vixia HF R300 sell so well?

The Vixia HF R300 comes in full HD with a 51x advanced zoom lens. It has a SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization system and advanced image sensors to get you the best quality video possible despite shooting conditions, and can capture videos at up to 1920 x 1080 resolution.

There is a three inch touch panel LCD for easy use, control, and viewing of the video as you are shooting it. It also comes with adjustable video capture settings, and for a little fun, comes with built-in digital filters to give your video that cinematic touch.

It weighs under 10 ounces, and measures in at approximately 5 by 2 by 2 inches. Also, this model comes with microphone and headphone terminals to ensure the best sound quality and volume.

Samsung HMX-Q10 Camcorder Ultra Compact with 10x Optical Zoom

Samsung HMX-Q10 HD Camcorder Ultra Compact with 10x Optical Zoom (Black)
Samsung HMX-Q10 HD Camcorder Ultra Compact with 10x Optical Zoom (Black)

This model goes for just around $200 and gets 4 out of 5 stars. Reviewers loved the ease of use, ease of handling (small size) and the excellent video quality.


Why consider the Samsung HMX-Q10 camcorder?

It comes with both a 10x optical zoom lens and a 20x digital zoom, and measures at approximately 2 by 2 by 5 inches, weighing less than half a pound total. Samsung gives you the limited one year warranty on parts and labor along with the Q10

The Samsung HMX-Q10 comes standard with a three inch touch panel LCD display for easy use and viewing while you are shooting your videos. It uses one touch operation, making recording your HD videos easier than ever. Another useful little feature, the HMX-Q10 has a Switch Grip feature, making it idea for use in either hand.

Samsung's BSI CMOS technology is built in for image noise reduction, to get you the clearest video quality possible and destroy distortion. It also adjusts to different lighting conditions for inside and outside use. Coupled with its Optical Image Stabilizer, it's ideal for shooting in any condition.

Why does the Panasonic HDC-TM80 rate so high?

It comes with a 33.7 millimeter wide angle lens and Intelligent Resolution 42x zoom. With the Intelligent Resolution, you can shoot your videos at a high zoom level while maintaining the quality of your image resolution, getting sharp detail without blurry edges every time.

Not only does this model record in full HD quality, it includes both optical and electrical hand shaking correction abilities, making it ideal to use in any condition, whether you're moving or not. The HDC comes with several built-in scene modes to help you shoot the best video possible in different lighting and scenarios, including a sport mode, portrait for close ups, low light, in snowy conditions, beach conditions, even sunset and night modes for low-light shooting on the go, and many others.

Also, the HDC-TM80 includes a zoom mic for smarter capture of sound, as well as a wind noise canceler to help get rid of the annoying outdoor sounds and let you hear the ones you wanted to pick up.

The HDC-TM80 also has a 16 GB built in memory, and accepts SD, SDXC, and SDHC memory cards.

Sony DCR-SX45 Flash memory Handycam Camcorder (Blue)

Sony DCR-SX45 Handycam Camcorder (Blue)
Sony DCR-SX45 Handycam Camcorder (Blue)

At 4 out of 5 stars, the DCR-SX45 costs about $200. Reviewers loved this model for its small size, lightweight portability, and ease of use.


Why do people love the Sony DCR-SX45?

The Sony DCR-SX44 comes with a whopping 70x optical zoom, taking your shooting video from afar to a whole new level. It also comes with a professional quality Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar lens.

A 3 inch clear photo touch screen LCD display on back lets you see exactly what you're taking a video of. It also has an automatic hookup to your external HDD so you don't have to use your PC. It also has an optional memory slot for your memory card.

Reviewers love this camera's small, compact size, ease of taking around with you, as well as its ease of use.

Which camcorder brand is the best for the money? Tell us!

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    • receivetipstricks profile image

      Mrinal Saha 4 years ago from Jaipur,India

      kodak zi8 ... You can get it 100-150 $ ..

      Great review on youtube,,

      Good for video blogger record 1080p video. I am looking forward to buy it ,, but it's not available in my country,,

      btw sony handycams are also great , i saw it on you tube.