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Best Dell Streak Cases: is there anything to get now?

Updated on June 22, 2012

It’s already known that once a popular product launches from Apple, Dell, Samsung or other big name in the IT industry there will be tons of accessories for them, launched in an effort to get more money from consumers. You know that, they know that, everybody knows and accepts this for what it is.

That doesn’t mean that everything is a cover up, as there really is value in some of the accessories you can buy for the newest Dell Streak 5 inch tablet for example. Of course the main type of accessories are the carrying cases, needed by many to protect their investment: 600 $ is a lot of money today, and you want to make sure you get the best Dell Streak case to protect against scratches, smudges and fingerprints.

Because Dell Streak is a relatively new product there aren’t many dell streak cases you can get today, but this situation is about to change soon once more and more consumers get a hold on this innovative 5 inch tablet. As sales pick up momentum, the demand for Dell Streak accessories will also get bigger, acting as an incentive for accessories manufacturers to build more products.

My personal advice would be for you to start saving money, researching the market and generally wait a few more weeks till more models are announced. If you can’t wait then go for the official dell Streak Premium Wallet Case that retails for 32 pounds in UK and the Streak Form Fit case that sells for 25 pounds.

A list of the best Dell Streak cases can be found here, if you’re impatient to see how you can better accessorize your newly purchased tablet. There’s a big chance you’ll find something to like already.

Dell Streak video presentation


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    • mikeandrew profile image

      mikeandrew 7 years ago from Bucharest

      Cool, a cover is definitely much needed for this device


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