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Best Digital Cameras For 2011

Updated on February 9, 2011

When recently buying my wife a new digital compact camera i had to take a step back as i realised just how much of a choice there is depending on what specifically you the consumer may be after,this is why i decided to write this hub to make your life a little easier when shopping for a perfect camera as a present of just a new compact camera for yourself to replace or upgrade your old one.While looking around i realised that some people are looking for cameras which have amazing zoom whereas other people may want a really good lens or extremely high mega pixels,whatever your needs i will make sure that they are covered in the following hub.

Now the type of camera that my wife wanted was one with an incredible zoom,you know the ones,you are at a concert and the person in front of you is zooming right in on the band members faces and your standing there with your rubbish camera cursing them quietly from behind,So the next few cameras are the best ones for zoom.

Zoom Cameras

Panasonic are well known for their cameras and their lumix range is perhaps the best of the lot,compact,and featuring some of the best zoom lens on the market these are definitely one to consider,most of the lumix's be they old or new come with 12X zoom as standard and all that differs between old and new models is some slight upgrades such as sat nav and different lens's.If your after a simple point and shoot digital compact camera with a fantastic zoom then these are the cameras for you.Available in a variety of colours and able to take the most up to date memory cards as well as having a high mega pixel ratio you cant go wrong with a lumix.

Cannon Powershot

The cannon range of digital compact cameras are not usually known for their high zoom,typically they are known for good build quality and fantastic lens's,this new version the powershot sx 200is has an incredible 12X zoom which is as good as any on the market right now and puts it in line with the Lumix above,i personally prefer the look of the powershot too,although i prefer the feel of the lumix when holding both cameras as a comparison.Available in blue, black or red these are great cameras if your after a good zoom and you should try one before you buy,you will be amazed at the detail you can capture.The new powershot 210is has an extra 2X zoom taking it to 14X zoom if you really want the detail.

High Megapixel

If your after a camera that just has a high mega pixel rate so you can make crystal clear prints onto canvas or paper then you need your options are more varied as the mega pixels seem to get more and more every year,their is quite a range so i shall show you some of my favourites.

Nikkon Coolpix

These cute and funky little cameras are perfect for a teenager as they are quite hardy and also not too pricey,it wouldn't be the end of the world if it got broken or lost,but on the plus side they come with a perfectly healthy 12 MP and a 3inch LCD screen which is perfect for showing off to all their mates.

Sony dsc w330

A great camera as it comes with the already great Sony name,this also means that it has a great lens as Sony tend to stick with Carl Zeiss which is a great looking lens which performs well,it come as standard with 14.1 mega-pixels which is the same as cameras that are two or three times the price of this little model,it also has smile image technology menaing that the camera can recognise a smile and will take the picture for you as soon as it sees it so no missing the shot because you were too slow on the trigger!!

Sony Dsc s2100

Another outing from Sony but this one is in their budget range and is rather good for the money,featuring a strong 12.1 mega-pixels and a 3inch LCD screen this is a lot of camera for the money,if your kids are after some kind of status symbol and you don't want to spend a fortune then this could be the way to go,Great camera at a cheap price.

Olympus T-100

This funky little number from Olympus has a good 12megapixel performance and not only that but it all features in one of the smallest cameras in the compact digital range,unfortunately this is only available in black but is perfect for a night out on the town when you don't have many free pockets to stash a camera in,its small body fits perfectly into a pocket or small purse and is ideal for those situations


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    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

      DeBorrah K Ogans 6 years ago

      Warchild, Very informative hub! You have presented some great options to compare and contrast when considering purchasing a digital camera!

      Thank You for sharing, Peace & Blessings!