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Best free E-book readers for android

Updated on July 1, 2013

There will come a time in near future when technologisation will lead to a minimal use of paper in the workings of this world. Books, for instance, are being replaced by E-books today. Who likes to carry a book with them anymore when you can have a hundred of them in your pocket! Smartphones and tablets have enabled people to read whenever and wherever they want. Listed below are what I think the best E-book readers for android today.

Google Play Books


Google's very own e-book app has a lot of features that any other application will surely lack. The integration of google services make it stand apart. Like if you come across a name of a place in a book and you're curious to know it's location then you just have to select that name and try google maps in the options. Crazy right? And it's just one of the options! You can choose from a million free and paid books to download and read on your phone or tablet. But nothing is perfect right? Many people around the world have been complaining about small glitches in the app's interface or other options, nothing too major. I've been using this app too but it's running flawlessly for me. In short, nothing much to worry about. Great app, 5 stars from me!

Download it form the play store.



Google play books is an awesome app but aldiko has been my all time favourite. Love at first sight or something? Dunno, but what I like about aldiko is it's simple and great interface. You don't always have to download your books directly from the app as you can import them manually from your sd-card. Aldiko also has this great day/night feature where you can toggle the background and font colours. It changes the background colour from white to balck and font colour from black to white. This helps in lowering the strain on your eyes if you're reading in low-light conditions and saves battery too if your device has an amoled display. You can slide the corner of your screen to control brightness and use your volume buttons to flip pages.

Play store link.



People allover the world love kindle fire for the tons of content it has to offer and the ease and simplicity of it. Well the same experience can be achieved, somewhat diminished, with the kindle android app. You can download and read free books or shop for the paid ones. Magazine and newspaper readers can also read their stuff with high resolution images. I don't really like kindle and to be honest I just used it for like two days before jumping back to aldiko. The only reason it's on this list is because of the good reading experience it offers. Nice and simple to use options will make you love it. I don't really have a justified answer as to why i don't like it, but it's just me! Go and try it out for yourself. Here!

Moon+ Reader


This bad boy right here has options for everything! To start off with, the supported formats include epub, mobi, txt, html, rar, zip, chm, cbr, cbz, umd, fb2 etc (I don't even know what some of them mean) . It has theme support, auto-scroll modes: rolling blind mode; by pixel, by line or by page, you name it. You can even indent paragraphs and remove unwanted blank spaces in a page. Pages can be flipped by pressing the volume keys or you can customize to add the camera, search or back keys. The app also has a backup/restore option via dropbox. Reading on this app is a total bliss. Use it and find many more options waiting for you!

Download it here.


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    • whiskeyjakc profile image

      whiskeyjakc 4 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Thanks a lot! If you need information about any other apps you need only ask, I'll be more than happy to write a hub about it.

    • phtech profile image

      Skyler Parker 4 years ago from Idaho Falls, ID

      I love it. I have been looking for a hub like this for a long time. Thumbs up!

    • whiskeyjakc profile image

      whiskeyjakc 4 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Thanx. :)

    • jabelufiroz profile image

      Firoz 4 years ago from India

      Great sharing. Voted up.