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Best Facebook Pages to Get FREE THINGS

Updated on February 15, 2011

Easily keep track of everything free online, just by using Facebook!

Its simple. You log into your facebook, and simply "like" your favorite freebie site page. But, in case you can't seem to find any, or don't know how to start, I have included my favorite links below.

I have not only received free samples, but free full size products, free glasses, even a free LAPTOP from google. (cr-48 pilot program). Checking the mail everyday has become a big excitement, we never really know what free items we will get on a daily basis. Besides that, there are THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of free coupons on line. In fact, I just ate 3 tacobell tacos that I got for FREE using the "free tacos" coupon on their facebook page.

Instead of RSS-ing, bookmarking, searching, googling, or remembering what reliable sites to use, simply log into facebook, "like" your favorites, and then check your news feed. Now, you will know exactly when a new sample/deal/free item crops up!

We all know you spend most of the day on Facebook anyway, why not use it to save yourself some money. Afterall, time IS money.

1. I Love Free Things

2. Mojo Savings

3. $5 Dinners

4. Crazy Coupon Mommy

5. Coastal Contacts (gives away glasses for FREE on a regular basis)

6. Money Saving Mom


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