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Best Fitness Apps for iPhone

Updated on November 13, 2014

Health Tracking Via Mobile Phone

Apps for Maintaining Health and Fitness
Apps for Maintaining Health and Fitness | Source

iPhone 5 is a Wearable Health Device

The iPhone 5 has helped usher in a revolution in health and fitness via a mobile device that, makes it easy to track the food we eat, the number of steps we take each day, the calories we burn, and so much more. A lot of apps come and go, but a handful have stood the test of time and risen to the top, winning well-deserved praise for their functionality and intuitive interfaces. So, of the cream of the crop, which are the best boons to boosting your health and keeping you fit? The iPhone is also the perfect platform to built upon so there are several excellent devices like the Fitbit, Jawbone Up, and other devices that contribute data to the people that are interested in understanding the quantified self.

Walkthrough of MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal already has a strong web-presence, helping users track their meals, calories, and exercise, and now their Calories Counter & Diet Tracker app makes it even more convenient to track on the go. Start with basic stats like your weight and activity level, then tailor your daily calorie goal to meet your weight loss needs. MyFitnessPal provides a huge database of foods to choose from and record in your food diary each day, tallying up the caloric total and charting your progress. If you exercise and create a calorie deficit, the app tracks that, too, and reflects it in your daily totals. Pre-program regular meals for added tracking convenience and record how much water you drink each day to ensure you’re well-hydrated and staying off calorie-bombs like soda. MyFitnessPal’s easy-to-use interface and far-ranging functionality make it a must-have for anyone trying to get and stay fit with their iPhone 5.

Track Activity with Moves

Moves by ProtoGeo

It’s common knowledge that a healthy person should walk at least 10,000 steps per day, but unfortunately it has been notoriously difficult for apps to accurately track steps on the iPhone. Enter Moves, a free app from Protogeo. Moves is much more than just a number counting on a screen -- it uses your iPhone 5’s GPS to track where you've gone and how long each day you've spent walking, cycling and running. Colored bubbles pop up and grow bigger as you walk and run farther, each bubble color coded for its respective physical activity. Moves isn't just about steps, though. It tracks the hours and minutes you've spent moving and the total overall distance. The app runs in the background all day and compiles a calendar of data, singling out all-time records for distance moved. Make it a challenge to yourself to beat your record and burn those calories as you move more and more every day.

Find it on iTunes

This application is a battery drainer though so be careful if you are going to be unable to charge later in the day or while at rest. For some reason when this app was working on the phone the battery drained significantly faster then when disabled.

Relaxing is Healthy

Find an escape to relax even if it is just for a few minutes to have a much healthier life.
Find an escape to relax even if it is just for a few minutes to have a much healthier life. | Source


Change your environment with Ambiance. A big part of maintaining a healthy well rounded life is to make sure to have little moments of peacefulness and relaxation. This app helps that all come together. Download it here.

Health and fitness isn’t just about exercising hard and sweating -- it’s also about finding a stress-free atmosphere in which to relax. After a tough day at the job or an invigorating workout, Ambiance by Urban Apps works as an “environment enhancer” using the power of sound to meditate on the day. The app features over 2,500 sounds you can mix and match with playlists, from wind chimes to soft winds. Record your own sounds or purchase premium tones in-app. Throw in your own relaxing tracks from iTunes and they’ll seamlessly blend in the playlist. Ambiance is far and away the best meditative app for the iPhone 5.

Tracking for Good Health

Track all fitness activities to capture all health data
Track all fitness activities to capture all health data | Source

thirtyaday fitiness

This app is helps you focus and maximize those few moments that are available each day to get a little exercise in. Pick a couple of exercises and do 30 repetitions a day and track it and watch your progress.

Find it on iTunes

Some fitness apps are bogged down in endless menus, exercise combinations, ads, links, setting choices and preferences. If you’re the sort who prefers a straight-ahead minimal approach, look no further than thirtyaday from All Forces for the iPhone 5. Focusing on simple exercises like squats, sit ups and side crunches, thirtyaday is an easy way to stay focused. Choose three exercises, do thirty repetitions a day, and you’re done. It’s a simple way to stay inspired and keep moving without worrying about huge workout routines or hour-long cardio videos. All exercises rely on body weight and movement, saving you equipment costs or the need for a gym membership. Whether you’re home or on the road, you can knock out thirty reps of three exercises quickly and pain-free. Set alerts to remind you when to drop and do thirty and track your progress to stay motivated. Thirty repetitions not enough? Easily raise the daily count of reps as much as you’d like so you keep feeling the burn.

Overview of Fitocracy


Get help from your friends and others in the online community to meet your goals and maximize the effort that you put in each day to staying on target to meet your objectives.

Fitocracy is the social network of fitness, a way to bring a gaming element into getting healthy and committing to lifestyle focused on long term well being. Earn points and rewards for scheduling and then completing workout routines. Challenge your friends to earn the most points, unlock achievements or beat “quests” to become the most fit you can be. A massive online community through the site augments the experience to provide a 100,000 person strong support network through conversations, tips, tricks, and workout suggestions. If you’re the sort of person who needs a bit more competition in their life to motivate them to do the hard stuff -- like working out every day, no matter what -- Fitocracy is a great way to make exercising fun and social no matter where you are in the world. Best of all, it’s free.

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    • Randy M. profile image

      Randy McLaughlin 4 years ago from Liberia, Costa Rica

      Useful info. I will check these out.

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      GAGANPREET SINGH BHATIA 4 years ago from Kanpur, India

      I use Ambiance sometimes. But will try others too. Nice list.

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