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Best Free Software to Record Skype Calls

Updated on May 23, 2014

Skype is my favourite VoIP application. Most of the time I use it to speak with my family and friends. But occasionally I use it for work and sometimes I need to record Skype calls.

Recording Skype calls can be useful, especially if you create podcasts and interview people. Skype has a built-in tool to record calls called Pamela. This program works pretty well, but it's not free. If you don't mind paying, that’s all very well. But if you would rather find a free replacement, here are some programs for you to consider.

1. Skype Call Recorder

As you can see from the program’s name, it's meant to record Skype calls. This free program is very easy to use and it can record Skype calls in MP3 format. There are quite a few configuration options. For example, you can record your calls in stereo or mono and you can configure the bit rate. In addition to that, Skype call recorder can track simultaneous calls and record calls automatically. This program works on all versions of Windows. Just keep in mind that you need Net Framework 2.0 to be installed. All in all, Skype Call Recorder is an excellent application.

2. Call Graph

Call Graph is another one of my favourites. This program can record your calls in MP3 or Wav format. The great thing about this program is that it can index all your calls for search. In addition to that, it labels your calls with contact name. Another thing I like about this program is that it's very unintrusive and won't interrupt your call in any way.

Call Graph work on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. One thing to remember is that this program needs to be authorised and it will ask to use Skype API. You will need to grant it permission, otherwise your calls won't be recorded.

Call Graph is especially handy for business use because it can also makecall transcripts. The transcripts are not free and you can order them from Call Graph team.

3. Amolto Call Recorder

Amolto is another call recorder for Skype that does it for free. This app is really light and easy to use - it doesn't require any setup and records your call automatically. Amolto Call Recorder works on both Windows and Mac computers. The only bit some people may not like is that Amolto doesn't record Skype video, but I've always found that audio only is quite enough.

These are my favourite tools for recording Skype calls. If you know of any other free software that you can use for Skype call recording, let me know your comments.

© 2011 Snurre


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    • profile image

      Eugene 5 years ago

      You may also want to try MX SkypeRecorder which seems quite stable. Well, at least it never let me down unlike other apps. Hope it'll help.

    • Snurre profile image

      Snurre 6 years ago

      arksys, you are welcome!

    • arksys profile image

      Irfan 6 years ago from Adelaide, Australia

      will try these out. thanks for sharing. :)