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Best Golf GPS 2015

Updated on February 10, 2015

If you really want to improve your golf game a golf GPS is the smartest buy you can make.

What makes a good golfing GPS?

  • Reliability: A golfing GPS needs to be rugged. I recommend getting one that is waterproof.
  • Customer Service: The GPS manufacturer needs to help you get the most from your GPS, through their web site and direct customer service.
  • Features: Features between golf GPS units can differ significantly and can make a big difference in your game. It pays to compare golf GPS features before buying.

I have picked 4 of the best new GPS devices and shortly reviewed them in best golf GPS 2015.

Garmin Approach G5

The Garmin G5 does everything you expect from a golf GPS and does it well. It is a bit on the large size compared to other models, but this does not deter from the fact that it is a really great aid to a golfer. The Garmin has the most complete database of golf courses available for download. Using the Garmin G5 will make it that bit easier to judge distances on those vital shots, anywhere on the course.

Although on the large size it is very light to wear and the display gives a clear view even in bright sunlight, not so effective in the shade though. Many golfers find that being able to use it without having to pay any fees or subscriptions is an attractive reason for purchasing the G5.

It definitely works just as well as a Skycaddy or the Callaway model and that little bit better at keeping track of fairways, greens and putts. Most golfers who have invested in the G5 think that it is great and useful tool to have with them on the golf course.

Everything that comes in the G5 box. G5 the best selling GPS 2015
Everything that comes in the G5 box. G5 the best selling GPS 2015
Display on Golf Budy - Top rated golf GPS 2015
Display on Golf Budy - Top rated golf GPS 2015

Golf Buddy

In my opinion the Golf Buddy is the competitor to the Garmin G5. This golfing gadget is easy to use, once all the maps have been installed into it. This is done by the manager program, all though that the user needs to do is connect the GPS to the computer, update the courses and firmware and the job is done and it is ready for use on the golf course. Further updates can be done at will keeping the unit up to date on all the information the user would ever need to know.

The battery life leaves a little to be desired, it will not survive a 36 hole course, but otherwise it is a great little piece of equipment. The GPS being its greatest feature, but like most of its kind it is really only effective when used on a golf course that the player is familiar with.

Garmin s1 gps watch

Garmin have produced a handy golfing gadget that is extremely easy to use. Being very light weight it is hardly noticeable when worn on a player’s wrist.

Once you are on the course the S1 Approach will report very accurate distance information to the front, middle and back of the green. It will also measure your shot range using up to date GPS technology. Using the GPS the watch also works as an odometer so you can measure the distance you walked.

It is very accurate too. It is a stylish gadget that most golfing fanatics will enjoy wearing on or off the golf course. Unlike many other models of its kind it has good battery life and some people claim that they have plenty of charge left even after playing for five hours, this is very good indeed. It tracks driving distances well and overall beats many other models hands down.

The downside of this model is that it does not have a score keeper or show a course map, but maybe this is asking just a little too much of such a small screen. All this said, it is definitely a model that should be considered when looking for a useful golfing aid.

Garmin G3

The G3 is budget version of the G5.

The Garmin G3 can be a little slow to connect up to GPS the first time that it is used but once a signal is established this golfing aid performs very well indeed. It has a handy scorecard feature which is easy to use and very handy to have. Its accuracy is pretty good with just a small margin error, but this is OK because it performs so well in other respects.

The touch screen is well calibrated and simple to use. The battery life of the G3 is not bad, it will handle an 18 hole golf course with no problems at all. The G3 uses rechargeable batteries, which is great. It is a fantastic golfing aid when playing on a familiar golf course, but then this is much the same with all the similar models that are available.

The G3 makes selecting the right club for the job as easy as it can be to do, there is definitely no need for a caddy when you have one of these on the golf course.

I hope you enjoyed best golf GPS 2015. You might also like to read best hybrid golf clubs 2015.


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    • chefmancave profile image

      Robert Loescher 4 years ago from Michigan

      A GPS really does help your golf game. Even if you only use for finding distances, a Golf GPS will make you a better golfer.