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Best Graphics cards for 1080p Gaming 2015

Updated on September 9, 2015

For 1080p gaming , there are plenty of graphics card which show quite great performance but most of them are really so much expensive that the budget gamers cannot buy them . Gtx titan X is on of those example which is overkill for 1080p gaming . So , I have created this list of the best graphics cards you can get for a particular budget that will allow you to play game at 1080p from high to ultra settings .

I have not included in it the high end graphics cards because My target is 1080p gaming and graphics cards like gtx 970 , gtx 980 , gtx 980 ti and amd r9 fury x are good for 1440p and 4K gaming and are waste of money if you just want a 1080p card .

EVGA Nvidia Geforce gtx 750 ti


This is the first budget graphics card that I recommend for 1080p gaming . It will allow you to play all the games on at least medium to high settings at 1080p and some of the games like battlefield 4 and Gta V on high settings . This graphics card uses the Latest Maxwell architecture which has proved to be the most power effecient architecture till now . It also has the best performance per core i.e., about 135% of better performance than the older kepler architecture cards .

Buy This GPU : EVGA gtx 750 ti

This card features 2gb of gddr5 memory clocked at 5400 Mhz with a memory bandwidth of 128 bit . 2gb of ram is the least amount of ram I consider to be perfect for 1080p gaming for most of the games . Games like Gta V and The witcher 3 or Middle Earth : shadow of mordor requires good amount of memory to define the high quality textures and this card does all of this well . The best thing about this card is that it consumes half the power as compared to it's competitor AMD R7 260x .

So , if you are on a tight budget and really wanting to play the games at 1080p , this graphics card will do your job fine and in fact in most of the games it outperforms PS4 . Digital foundary has made a comparison between the PS4 and a rig using gtx 750 ti and you will get the idea of how it really performs :

EVGA GeForce GTX 950 SSC


This is the latest 900 series graphics card which is now becoming the sweet spot for 1080p gaming . This graphics card has already beaten the R7 370 by a much noticeable difference . It can play any game at very high or even ultra at 1080p giving you around 40-60fps in almost every game . It's 20% faster then the R7 370 although it is only 10 bucks expensive but for value to price , it's the best graphics card for a little over 150 dollars .

It features 2gb of gddr5 with 6610 MHz Effective of memory clock . It also has the SLI Support and has the gpu boost 2.0 technology which gives you the freedom to overclock this graphics card more and note that the graphics card I have mentioned is the overclocked version of the reference Gtx 950 . The card is based on the maxwell architecture like the gtx 750 ti which makes it power efficient and gives better performance per core as compared to the AMD graphics card . This card is also DirectX 12 compatible which will effect your gaming performance largely with the upcoming newly heavy graphical games demanding directX 12 .

Due to better performance per core and more energy efficiency I excluded the R7 370 and following is the comparison between the Gtx 950 and R7 370 :



This is the best graphics card for 1080p , no doubt about it . It can easily beat the R9 280 and R9 285 even they are almost the same price as the gtx 960 . It features 2gb gddr5 of memory with 7200MHz factory-overclocked memory speed . The asus strix version is factory overclocked and it is better in cooling and much quieter .

It has the same Maxwell architecture which is used in gtx 750 ti and gtx 950 and therefore , it is much better in overall performance and more energy efficient as compared to the amd R9 280 and R9 285 . It can easily play any game like Gta V and the witcher 3 at 1080p on very high settings . Therefore , it is wiser to buy this gpu instead of the amd option .

Sapphire Radeon R9 280X


Now , this is the best solid mid end graphics card you can get . It's better than anything right now under 250 dollars . It beats the Gtx 960 , r9 280 , r9 285 and even r9 380 which is a newer card . This is a must buy gpu for 1080p . It will deliver solid frame rate at 1080p and will allow you to max out almost every game .

This gpu has 3gb of gddr5 memory clocked at 6000Mhz with a wide memory interface of 384 bit . It has huge amount of cuda cores i.e., 2048 which are only going to benefit you on higher resolutions . Taking all in account , 3gb memory , higher number of cuda cores and wider memory bandwidth , this gpu is a solid card for 1080p and is best bang for buck .

Following is the video which shows the comparison between the performance of gtx 960 and R9 280x :

Other Budget graphics cards for 1080p

I have already listed the best of best graphics cards above which are for solid 1080p gaming but there are other honourable mentions that I would like to list out .

Sapphire Amd R7 260x : This is a strong competitor to the gtx 750 . The main advantage of this graphics card over the gtx 750 is that it has 2gb of gddr5 memory whereas the gtx 750 has only one . Although the the power consumption of the gtx 750 is 1.5x times less but the R7 260x outperforms gtx 750 in many games .

MSI Amd R7 265 : R7 265 is almost equivalent to the gtx 750 ti but has more memory bandwidth . It is also crossfire ready which is a great advantage of r7 265 over gtx 750 ti . When you build a budget gaming rig with a gtx 750 ti , you have to upgrade to a newer gpu if you want more performance which means selling and buying again which will make double the expense but if you build your rig with r7 265 then you can buy another to crossfire which will boost your gaming performance upto 50% more .

Sapphire Amd R9 270 : It is faster than the newer R7 370 gpu but the price is a little over and does not support the Direct X 12 fully . Therefore for now it can make a good choice but for the future , games running on direct X 12 , it will be outdated and that's why I excluded it from my list .

For More visit :


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