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Cute HTC 8X Cases for Girls

Updated on April 9, 2013

Sweet Adorable Covers for HTC 8X Girls

Looking for a cute HTC-8x case for girls? Here are seven fabulous options that will protect your phone with a really fashionable cover. There are options for the girls who love bling, animal skin patterns, rhinestones, hello kitty and more. They come at affordable prices so you can even get two different ones that go best with your favorite outfits.

Hello Kitty Case HTC 8X

Hello Kitty Cases for HTC 8X are the most adorable cute cases there are. Beneath the rhinestones there is a hard case made out of hard quality plastic that will protect your phone from scratching, bumps and other things that can happen during the day of a busy girl. It's a 2 piece snap-on but it's a breeze to install. Even the clumsiest girl you know won't have trouble.

Vintage Rose Case

Again a two piece snap on case that is very easy to install even if you are not very technical. The vintage roses are a pretty fashionable look right now and for many girls this will be an excellent case to have and complement some outfits. In addition the hard plastic keeps your phone safe and that's the most important thing at the end of the day.

Purple Zebra HTC 8X Model

If animal skin is not your thing... It might not be such a good choice but otherwise this is a premium hard cover that protects your smartphone against the dangers any normal girl faces during her daily misschieves. It comes with a metal stylus to use on the touch screen if you want to move fast or draw. It's very easy to install for even the clumsiest of people.

Who Else Loves some Bling?

Specifically made for the HTC Windows Phone 8X it fits perfectly. It's a easy snap on install. Best thing about this case is that it's a gorgeous case with some serious bling going on. If you need to spice up an otherwise bland outfit this is a case to have. Great as a second case for when you are wearing a lot of black. Put some grrrr into your outfit.

Adorable Curious Cats design

The curious cats are cute and chubby cats that do the most adorable things like go lay down and sleep everywhere. They were created by Headcase and are a big hit. A very sweet case to get for your smartphone. It's specifically designed for the 8x so it fits perfectly and has the exact right cutouts and everything. Super easy to install. Even my little brother can do it.

HTC 8X Case for Bad Girls

Not actually a hard case but a protective decal. That's basically a sticker or laminate that fits exactly. It keeps your phone safe from scratching but not if you drop it or something. It looks awesome though and I personally love this Devil Girl design. It's very easy to apply or to remove.

Do you love some Serious Bling too?

If you are not you might not love this case but other it's fabulous. A diamond (well not real diamond of course) case for the HTC 8x windows phone. It has beautiful graphics and artowrk that give it a unique look. I picked this as the top pick in this list because of it's sparkling outside and hard protective casing. It was made specifically for the HTC and comes with a stylus pen included that has a nice soft tip. Are you one of those girls that always lose their stylus? Well no longer because it can be fastened to the headphone jack preventing that from happening. Best thing is it comes at a great price.


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