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3 Best HTC One Case

Updated on August 9, 2013

Which HTC One Case To Get?

The HTC One is probably my favorite phone of this moment. A true marvel of technology and design at the same time. Exceeding Apple's iPhone in sophistication but at a more affordable price level. HTC's 2013 stroke of genius.

Protecting your phone from scratches is something you will want to do with a design like this and protecting any phone and screen from fall damage is vital. I've personally lost two phones to unfortunate accidents and both times it was a high end $500+ down the drain while I could have saved them with a case of $10 or more.

If you are looking for great protective devices for your HTC One I've listed the best options I have come across in my extensive research:

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Otterbox Case HTC One
Otterbox Case HTC One

Otterbox Commuter Case

No case is perfect for everyone. However the Otterbox Commuter is as close as it gets. The exterior is slick but strong and as you can still slide the phone into your pocket very easily it is protected from scratching or bumps.

The buttons and sensors can be manipulated very easily through the case and allow you to work the phone even while its protected.

Silicone plugs for all ports are provided. At the same time the microphones are left exposed so your voice comes through clear as day. The camera and flash work perfectly well.

Diztronic HTC One Case

The Diztronic is another case that fits the bill as one of the best protective cases. If you don't think it's that good, take a look at the price tag... At this price point it surely is one of the best available options.

Shield your brand new HTC One with this matte black flexible TPU case. Wrapped in this stuff you won't have much to worry about anymore. It happened to me several times that I lost a phone but with a simple solid case like this it wouldn't have happened.

The case comes with a "lay on table" design that works to protect the screen from the ground and table. It's remarkably easy to install and remove. And perhaps what I like most is that it's very affordable.

You can get the Diztronic in Matte Black, Matte Grey or Pink Glitterflex.

The Multi Layered HTC One Case
The Multi Layered HTC One Case

i-Blason Case HTC One

i-Blason is a well known case manufacturer that brings out quality cases. They have made cases for almost every device out there. This kick stand armored hybrid case is designed to fit the HTC One M7. The inner shell is constructed from impact. The polycarbonate and double enforced shock absorbing silicone. The corners of the case have double thick silicone padding which helps a lot if you drop it or your kid makes it fly across the room.

The excellent kickstand is without a doubt one of my favorite features. It just makes it very comfortable and easy to watch videos on youtube or those you recorded with your phone while lying down or sitting at a table.

What's your experience with smartphone cases?

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