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Best Home Theatre Equipment

Updated on June 4, 2014

Ohio Theater

Theaters Struggle with Digital Conversion.
Theaters Struggle with Digital Conversion. | Source

Commercial Movie Theaters Close Nationwide; Home Theater is The New Trend

Do you remember the time of the Drive In Theater? My first memory of going to the Drive In was to see Rocky and Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory as a double feature. I skinned my knee on the playground under the Big Screen.

The theater charged by the carload. You would cram as many people in your car as possible. People often drove in with kids locked in the trunk. The idea was about getting the most bang for your buck. Not a lot has changed regarding that thought process.

The first indoor Commercial movie that I recall seeing was Star Wars. Mom and Dad told me that they took me to see Bambi the year before, but I was too young to remember it. Mom let me go back and watch Star Wars another 2 times by myself. I was in the 1st Grade; about 7 years old.

Commercial movie experience bring back some pretty fond memories. However, they are memories. New technology in the Home Theater market is closing many theaters nationwide.

The Ohio Theater in my small town of Madison Indiana launched a donations campaign to save the Theater and convert it over to Digital; for crying out loud.

Home Theater Technology

Home Theaters have gotten better, and more cost effective in recent years. If you are looking to buy or sell a house; a home theater is even a bigger deal "now a days" than a swimming pool. It's what people want and enjoy.

Lets face it, Americans don't exercise or leave the house any more. OK, the sun can cause skin cancer. Your kids aren't in as much danger in the basement; as they are with the hundreds of pedophiles that live in a 10 mile radius of your commercial theater. So, Americans want more super-sized home entertainment. Manufacturers are giving it to them.

Samsung 110" 4K TV

Unveling the new 110" UHD TV
Unveling the new 110" UHD TV | Source

Projectors VS Digital Displays

Originally Home Theaters were projector based. You hooked your DVD player to a projector and hung up a sheet on the wall. Today's market is far more advanced. Not only can you have a professional screen that drops down via remote control; but you can have a digital display that's an awesome 85" 4K UHD TV that's on sale for $39,999.99 Samsung has already unleashed a 110" version overseas at triple that price.

Samsung 4K UHD TV

5 stars for Samsung 4K UHD TV

Home Theater Sized TV Comparison

Sony XBR 4K 3D UHD
Sharp Aquos 4K UHD
Samsung 1080p 3D
LG Smart 3D 4K UHD
Samsung UHD 4K TV

Curved OLED TVs

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. They make a TV thinner, lighter and are reported to give an extra eye popping color that other TV types don't offer. LG reports that their new OLED TVs are no thicker than a pencil. It is supposed to be more natural to the eye. A curved OLED then is supposed to be the schizzle.

Currently your choices are to go large or go curved. Whereas the new curved TVs will offer a movie experience; if you are seated directly in front of them. If your living room is like mine; someone is always left sitting in a chair or loveseat off to the side. For those unfortunate folks the viewing angle winds up less than desirable. A curved TV would insure that they don't get to see squat.

Don't get me wrong; If the right super sized curved TV came along that suited my home theater, I may consider it. However, It would probably cost a quarter of a million dollars.

Smart TVs

Smart TVs do have a place. The living room & the bedroom for sure. The home theater? It boils down to how much internet TV or pay-per view do you watch. That said, if your running a projector and screen; then you will have a PC that controls that. So, you are not limited to just a DVD player attached.

You can even attach a PC to a lot of HDTVs via an HDMI port; provided your PC or laptop have an HDMI out. But who wants that much clutter in the living room or bedroom. Everyone expects some type of projector room set-up for mass equipment in any theater.

Projector Theaters

The traditional home theater was projector based. This of course requires you to purchase both a screen and a projector. Currently there are only a few 4K projectors on the market. These are quite a bit pricier than the HD versions. Pricier is actually an understatement; you can by a new Mustang convertible about the same price as a 4K projector.

The best value then will be your 1920 X 1080; which is full sized High Definition. You can get this in a 3D package, glasses included.

Samsung Life In Every Pixel

Projector Comparison

Optoma HD33
Panasonic PT 3D
1920 X 1080
Epson 2D/3D 3LCD
Sharp XV 3D
1920 X 1080

Home Theaters

Home Theater Innovations
Home Theater Innovations | Source

Don't Forget The Screen

If you're going to have a Home Theater; have a Home Theater. They make portable screens. Screens that you can pull down like they used in school. The make fabric that you can try to mount yourself. There is even some type of wall putty that is supposed to turn regular drywall into a movie screen.

You may as well go for the complete look:

  • Burgandy paint and curtains.
  • Black ceiling tiles
  • Floor lights
  • Wall Sconces
  • Velvet Ropes with Chrome stands
  • and a nice Fixed Movie Screen.

Choices Choices

Silver Ticket and Elite both make a good Movie Screen for your home theater. You'll want to expirement with the available wall space and the distance to projector to determine which screen size that you need. That said; you will want something like 120" so that you don't have the feeling that your TV is nearly as big. You proector probably won't exactly fill the area either; so you'll want to go larger where possible.

Home Theater Poll

Would You Prefer your Home Theater?

See results

In Conclusion

On one hand; a 110" Samsung Smart TV will cost you $150,000 and isn't even available in the USA yet. To get a 4K version of that in a projector with 120" screen will cost you about $25,000. That's a savings of about $125,000.

That said, you can opt for a 70" 4K 3D smart TV for the more affordable $4,000.00 range. Or, you can go with a 120" screen and Full HD 3D projector glasses included for under $3,000.00.

Another factor to consider; is the break down component issue. Your Smart TV's are kinda like having a computer included in your TV. That's something else to break down. You probably have a TV that had a DVD player built in and guess what; the DVD player doesn't work anymore.

Your TV is essentially a monitor. You can hook up a computer to it, and if the computer breaks down a brand new one will cost you $500 to replace it. That's much cheaper than a Smart TV.

Really it's all about budget and the experience. Personally, I would like to have 2 smart TVs. One about 50 inch in the living room and one about 35 inch the bedroom. So long as they are "affordable" I would own one.

I would also like to have a home theater with Full HD and 3D on a 120" screen; complete with velvet ropes and burgundy curtains. I would also like to have a convertible Mustang in the driveway.

Ohio Theater

Ohio Theater:
105 East Main Street, Madison, IN 47250, USA

get directions

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