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Best Interactive iPad Apps For Kids

Updated on May 6, 2013
Best Interactive iPad Apps For Kids
Best Interactive iPad Apps For Kids

iPad Apps For Kids

If you are looking for some incredible interactive iPad apps and accessories for kids, here are the best of the best.

We've covered the best iPad and iPhone accessories on the market to protect these expensive toys from little fingers, and we've covered one of the cleverer iPad LEGO games, but now for some even more incredible interactive apps.

There are many game consoles on the market that allow families of all ages to play games; interactive, multi-player and even exercise 'games'. Effective in many ways but portable? Not really.

Can you take them in your car? Caravan? To the park? Beach? Holiday Home?

Not generally, no.

This selection of games however are just that. 100% portable. And if you are looking for fun things to do on a plane for kids, these just may be something to consider.

Let's look at the best interactive iPad apps on the market for kids.

iPad Interactive Game - The GameChanger
iPad Interactive Game - The GameChanger

Free iPad Games

Animal Mania: Sea creatures, dinosaurs, trivia, riddles and fun ways for everyone to learn about the depths of the sea to the jungle.

The Magic School Bus: A learning adventure through space, the magical human body, and earth. This game comes to life with videos, interactive trivia, and mini-games.

Interactive iPad apps: The GameChanger

Who'd have ever thought that you could turn your iPad into an interactive board game. Well now you can. The iPad acts as your virtual dice and even keeps score.

This product has 48 pressure fields that turns your iPad into an interactive board. All you need to do is slide your iPad into the cradle, download any of the free apps from iTunes, place any one of the game skins on top and start playing! Touch the screen and your iPad will come to life with music, sound and animation.


  • Folds up for storage and is portable
  • Easy to Set Up and Play
  • Two to Four players
  • Comes with TWO FREE games - Animal Mania and The Magic School Bus
  • Includes 4 different game skins and 4 game pieces

It is a brilliant game to play with the whole family.

If you are planning some family time together, why not sit down and play a game.

iPad Interactive Game - The GameChanger
iPad Interactive Game - The GameChanger


  • Lightweight and portable
  • 25 note keyboard
  • Built in stereo speakers
  • Compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Interactive Piano and the iPad

Download the free Piano Apprentice app from iTunes, sit your iPad on the portable keyboard and you have yourself a Piano! Simple as that. If you have never played piano before let the keyboard light up and show you how to play.

With a free piano teaching app, you cannot go wrong. And whilst you are still in learning phase and making more noise than music, plug in the headphones so you can keep your 'music' to yourself.

Whilst it may never replace traditional piano lessons this is a great way to start. It won't turn you professional overnight but it is a great way to play and enjoy music.

Disney Karaoke & Wireless Microphone
Disney Karaoke & Wireless Microphone

Features include:

  • Portable and easy to store
  • Pitch & Tone Adjustment
  • Microphone (wireless or cord)

Turn your next function, 21st BIrthday Party, family lunch or lazy afternoon into a fun singing session!

Disney Spotlight Digital Microphone & Karaoke App

What do you get then you take an iPad and a Microphone? The perfect karaoke machine of course! And what is best is you can even film yourself in action. Make a video clip and send it to your friends or your potential record producer.

Download the app from iTunes, plug in the wireless receiver and start singing. Once you have downloaded the app, you no longer require internet access therefore this is completely portable. If you do not know the words, just like typical karaoke style, the words appear on the iPad screen. The mircophone comes with a code for 10 free songs and if you want more just simply download more from iTunes or use your own music.

Crayola ColorStudio
Crayola ColorStudio

Crayola ColorStudio

For the budding artist, the Crayola ColorStudio is an incredible interactive learning device, tool and game all in one. Without the mess of textas or the worry of broken pencils, this is the ultimate digital coloring book, perfect for long car rides.

The iMarker crayon lights up and looks and feels just like pen, crayon and even a paintbrush. There is an eraser if you make a mistake and the option to zoom in. It is fitted with an animated coloring book containing approximately 30 pages plus a blank free drawing page for your own creations where you can let your imagination run wild by tapping into a library of music, sound effects and backgrounds.


  • FREE updates with new images, pages and animations
  • Print artwork onto paper
  • A color within the lines feature - turn it off or on
  • Portable and no need to worry about stains on your furniture or in the car!

There are so many interactive features to this game and animations to see. See if you can 'catch' the dolphin. If you tilt the iPad he will swim away. Bubbles move around, fish swim. Lots and lots of fun.

We all know that the iPad is an incredible device and we all know that it is loved and used by all family members these days due to the large variety of free apps, educational games and business tools. With these interactive accessories, the iPad can become so much more. If you are worried about its safety, there are a number of cleverly designed products on the market which provide protection to the iPhone and iPad from dirty fingers and clumsy fingers.

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