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Best Internet Browser Ever

Updated on August 1, 2009

 The Best Internet Browser Ever? Yes, I have been using all kinds of internet browsers for maybe 15 years. Here I wrote this hub to feed you with my personal experience. I hope it's gonna help.

Best Internet Ever
Best Internet Ever

Things we need to consider choosing the Internet Browser

  • Freeware or Not

Free Web Surfing software has the ticket.

  • Stability

Less likely to crash.

  • Compatibility

Compatible with Windows operating system, all the images, flash and some advanced javascripts.

  • Speed

If not fast enough, what we can do is nothing but uninstall.

  • Addictional Functions

People think it not so necessarily important. You're wrong! Please read on.

What is Your Favorite Internet Browser?

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IE Vs Firefox Vs Chrome
IE Vs Firefox Vs Chrome

IE Vs Firefox Vs Chrome Vs Safari

IE (Internet Explorer)

  • Pros: Best Compatibility
  • Cons: Slow, Inconvenient compared with Firefox.


  • Pros: Convenient, faster
  • Cons: Bad compatibility, functionality is not good enough.


  • So far not so good.


  • Pros: Great speed, great graphics
  • Cons: not stable enough


Greenbrowser —— the Best of the Best

I honorably recommend Greenbrowser to you as the best internet browser ever, or by far.

First I have to claim:

  • I have been using this great browser for 5 years.
  • I have nothing to do with this software company. They offer me nothing to promote their freeware.

The company that created this freeware is fully supported by the donators who think this software worth their donation. They did make updates every 20 days or a month to make some improvements. That means they does collect real money from donators. That should mean something, isn't it?

See rewards it gets.

And I'll tell you why Greenbrowser in detailed words and snapshots.



Why Greenbrowser?

  • IE based core, making it stable and compatible enough.
  • Real Fast
  • Tab support is much much better than Firefox or IE 8
  • Mouse Gestures
  • Auto Fill Forms.
  • Multiple files types of webpage saving
  • Additional Functions

External Toolbar

External Toolbar
External Toolbar
  1.  when you click on the yellow arrow, the floating ads over the webpage will be gone.
  2. Some webpages disable the use of the right click, just click the mouse icon and enable your right click.
  3. Comprehensive webpage analysis. Make a quick analysis to all the elements of the current webpage, including the flash file, pic,source code, css and scripts.
  4. Highlight the keywords you have searched within the current page.
  5. Enlarge the current page, press F5 refreshing to restore.
  6. Decoding the flash files (swf file) path and enable you to download them directly
  7. Modify anything on the current webpage, what to do with this function? Make fun with others?
  8. Check the ranking of the current page on Alexa.
  9. Decolor the whole page, make everything grey, to protect your eyes. Refresh to restore.
  10. Click and then make a square anywhere on the screen, and double click to confirm the snapshot area you've just made. It's automatically stored in the clipboard. You can paste that in the brushpad.
  11. Mute the speaker immediately.
  12. Useful toolkit.

Webpage Saving

Webpage Saving
Webpage Saving

Auto Fill Forms

 This functionality is very important for most internet surfers. Once you've input the username and the password, you wanna save them for future use. Just press ALT + 1(the top left one) to save, once you need to auto fill them, just open the same page and press ALT + Q to make it happen. Easy?

Is this Hub Useful to You?

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  • save everything within the current page without pics and flashes

Save All Content

  • save everything within the current page. Thunderly Quick. You know what it is like in IE.

Save As Image

  • save everything with in the current page as a single JPEG file. Very powerful.

Wanna Write Hubs Like This One?

Favorites URL Update

The favorites function is the same as in IE. While if you want to change the URL address that has already been bookmarked in the Favorites, for a completely new URL address. You can first browse the targeted webpage and right click on the Favorites, click Update to Current URL to make the update. It's unbelievably useful to me.

Your Opinion?

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    • profile image

      Johng176 3 years ago

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    • profile image

      sdsd 3 years ago


    • profile image

      aivil 5 years ago

      i think Firefox is best for webmasters and chrome is best for common users (70%) and webmasters (30% ) as well. yaeh, Opera,Safari,are also best. You can't declare a single browser as the best for all! It depends on many factors.

      see it here-

    • profile image

      mark 5 years ago

      malakas ako

    • profile image

      Jenifer 6 years ago

      I would say chrome is fasted browser among the chromium technologies and the next special featured with both fast and secure is comodo dragon browsers

    • profile image

      dorothy 6 years ago

      on green browser i have the g logo floating and it beeps any idea how to get rid of it. i love the browser but its getting annoying

    • profile image

      oldguy 8 years ago

      Why you completely oversee opera? Using Opera for 14 years now and always looked aside, no better browser around for me. BUT: I never heard of Green before, will definitely try this one! Thanks for the tip!

    • profile image

      ssc73 8 years ago

      The latest version of Chrome has been surprisingly good and now the free 'add-ons' or extensions are making it gain fast ground on firefox.

      And it is UNBELIEVABLY fast to start up. Not just for browsers, but for any kind of program. It used to have problems with Flash, Java and particularly some downloads or content from M$. But they now have an add-on called 'IE-Tab' that uses the IE frame and allows for the flow through. When M$ gives you the 'you're using the wrong browser' crap, you just click on the IE-tab, compatibility problem mostly solved. WOT and adblocker now also have extensions as well.

      The only problem left is the nosiness of Google. They make it a little hard to clean up the cookies, flash, etc and hopefully MS will start integrating it into file clean-ups. Some of the extensions, for example, the new 'cooliris previews', tell you it will have access to ALL your info. Not just browsing habits. At least they're honest...I guess??

      I hadn't heard of 'GreenBrowser'. Def gonna check it out!! Thanks!!

    • wARtist profile image

      wARtist 8 years ago from China

      You are right,hassam. Google always does good jobs. I am waiting for its great update coming up as you do.

    • hassam profile image

      hassam 8 years ago from Pakistan

      Google chrome I guess will be the new leader in this battle. It is really fast. They only have to add a few functionalities to make it comparable to IE or firefox.