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Best Inventions of the 1940s

Updated on April 12, 2017

Creations of The Mind

The Microwave changed the way people cooked food. It is much faster and it can prepare a variety of quick meals.
The Microwave changed the way people cooked food. It is much faster and it can prepare a variety of quick meals. | Source
Transistor Radio's set the stage for future radio broadcasting.  When it was released it became an instant hit.
Transistor Radio's set the stage for future radio broadcasting. When it was released it became an instant hit. | Source
The invention of he Jeep meant lots of off road fun. Also, Jeeps are used in the military.
The invention of he Jeep meant lots of off road fun. Also, Jeeps are used in the military.

Amazing Inventions

There were many other inventions during the 1940s but this list is composed of the 10 most famous and popular inventions of the time.

1. Microwave Oven: Wow, what an invention. This is an invention that opens up all kinds of possibilities for preparing food. If you wanted to make cheese dip, this is a great. A very convenient invention to have. The microwave has been around so long now that we take it for granted. A small oven that is used to cook food or thaw frozen food. A microwave is ultimately used in my home for cooking potatoes and for reheating food after it has been in the refrigerator. This beats heating up the entire house to warm up one or two dishes. This was a great invention that allowed women to save a lot of time in the kitchen. It is very good for thawing out chicken or ground beef. Not to mention all of the frozen dinners, sandwiches, popcorn and many other convenience foods that I might be forgetting.

2. Color Television: It is amazing to see the quality of the pictures in color but, I still remember seeing black and white TV shows. The picture now a days on the TV is so much better. Color television led the revolution that led to high definition, and 3D and now even 4D. Color allows us to see everything in vivid detail. As a matter of fact, certain classics that were originally filmed in black and white format, have been remade with color.

3. Jeep: A great, fun, off road vehicle. You will want to buy a 4 wheel drive with large mud tires. These are fun to take off the beaten path or drive out to dinner. Taking the jeep off road near the lake is very fun. They are also excellent for towing items or carrying luggage on board. Usually the spare tire to a jeep is hooked onto the back of the jeep for all to see. Then you can buy a personalized jeep tire cover.

4. Frisbee: Who doesn't remember the frisbee? Now, there is a game called that we used to call frisbee golf. Now, it is called disk golf. Either way a frisbee is used for this game and the object is to score the frisbee into the chain link goal. Throwing a frisbee is a fun activity to do at the beach or with a big dog if you have one. Of course, it would be great if the dog also brought the frisbee back for the next throw! Also, it can be played by teams which is more fun in my estimation. Jumping for a big catch is the most fun.

5. Kidney Dialysis Machine: My neighbor used to work in kidney dialysis. Fluid has to be pulled out the body if the kidneys are not functioning properly. The process has to be performed at least 2-3 times per week and can be last for up to several hours at a time. She would talk of the patients she would get close to and then some of the patients would pass away. She would see them so much, they became like her second family. This is truly an amazing invention because, it has added many years to human lives who might have passed away without this technology.

6. Aerosol: I think of aerosol hairspray cans, cleaning supplies, bathroom sprays and even some medications use the aerosol sprayer. This is an invention that I would not normally think about but, if we did not have the concept of the aerosol spray can, some of our daily actions like spraying our hair would have to be done in a different way.

7. Transistor Radio: This radio allowed people to listen to music anywhere they went based on transistor based circuitry. The transistor first came out in 1947 and it received AM and FM short wave bands. Before this, they had no device for hearing or seeing music or shows. They were big and bulky at first but, they got smaller as they advanced. Then radios were in combination with a clock so, that you could wake up to music. This invention has really evolved over the years and it without a doubt paved the way for other radios throughout the decades.

8. Silly Putty: I played with this as a child. My silly putty would be so dirty within a few hours of it being new. I would slap my silly putty on the newspaper and then pull it off and see how many words I could read from the side of the silly putty. You can sometimes get silly putty in a machine with a few quarters or just go to the toy section of most any dollar store. Most kids today probably do not even know what silly putty is but, we had such a good time playing with it.

9. Tupperware: I love this product!! There are so many different size containers I couldn't began to list them all. I do love a set of three mixing bowls with blue lids. The bowls are a large, medium and small mixing bowls. These are great for storage for various things. I wash my bowls in the dishwasher on the bottom rack but, I put my lids on the top shelf of the dishwasher. They are tough.

10. Velcro: A really neat invention that when you find out what it actually is you look around and say "Why didn't I think of that." The velcro that I have used has had the velcro (part that feels like little pins). Then each outside piece is sticky so it will stick to the surface then, you have your velcro, then another sticky surface. Truly cool!

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Inventions of The 40's

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