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Best Marvel Games For Android

Updated on August 11, 2015

Marvel Games

The best hero game apps at the moment belong to Marvel. Let me tell you why.

We, the hero lovers, enjoy three things: amazing powers, an engaging storyline and a huge roster of super heroes to choose from. This are the three factors where Marvel is "super" at. All the games I'm going to discuss are being continually updated with more and more heroes, new missions, new powers and hero outfits and of course awesome multiplayer where you can put your Spider-Man against your friends Hulk and see which one emerges victorious.

Team of Iron!

Antman fighting Yellow Jacket


Marvel Future Fight- FREE Game

In my own opinion Future Fight is currently one of the best app games not only in Marvel world but also in the entire game phone-app industry. The all game experience feels like a console game. It is massive, with tons of things to do, and huge amount of content which is being added regularly through updates.

It is a RPG game based on Marvel universe, it has heroes and villains from Avengers series, Guardians of the Galaxy. Ant-man, and many more. Each time a new movie comes out they add content from it. Characters, items, skins for your characters, special missions, and you don't have to pay for the extra content.

The entire purpose of Marvel Future Fight is for you to collect the characters and use them in missions and multiplayer fights. It has a big roster of heroes and villains for you to choose from, but first you have to either win them in boxes (you get them for free in the game but you can also pay for more), or you can collect biomenter which you can use to craft the characters you want.

Each character has up to 4 powers, which you will sure recognize from the comics and the movies. And they look great on the 3D graphics! In order for you to bring the maximum power out of your heroes you have to train, evolve and equip them, do you think you can do it? You can have up to 3 characters at the same time in your team and thanks to the diversity of the game you can go crazy! Feel like having Hulk. Groot and Ultron together? Go ahead! Go wild! Antman, Venom and The Punisher!

Choose your favourite Marvel characters and go head-to-head against your friends Team in the multiplayer or team up with your friend and face a special boss!

It is an awesome game and if you are a Marvel fan you will surely love it.

Official Link:

Thor vs Hulk

Spiderman about to face Ironman

Player wins The Vision

Marvel Contest of Champions- FREE Game

If you are a fan of Action-Fighting games as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat you are going to love this one. You will face 1on1 the heroes and villains from Marvel universe as you collect items, currency and crystals. Those crystals will randomly give you a character depending on the rarity of the crystal. Collect your characters and use them to pass your missions and fight your friends on Multiplayer.

I got to tell you, the Multiplayer in this game is amazing, you can fight any of your friends on real-time through the internet. Pick any character you already own on your roster and see who is the best. Level up your heroes and villains for them to unlock new and better skills to use in the fights.

The roster is currently already pretty huge, you can find most of the characters there including my personally favourite X-Men!

They are always adding more content including of course playable characters you can collect. One thing I find negative is how hard it is to collect new characters and the specially strong ones are even harder to get. Still, an awesome game to have.

Official Link:

© 2015 StephanPoe


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