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3 Best Moto X Cases for The Brand New Motorola/Google Phone

Updated on August 8, 2013
Moto X by Google /  Motorola
Moto X by Google / Motorola | Source

Get A Cover To Save Your Phone From Accidents

With the brand new Moto X just having been released there are many people in need of a case to protect their new phone. It would be a shame to have it get damaged and believe me it happens. I've lost several phones to unfortunate accidents. For example I've dropped one phone while sitting at my desk and the glass hit the metal on my desk chair and shattered. Another phone I lost in a crowded street during the local carnival and after hordes of clowns, pikachu's and sexy vamps trampled over it, it was irrepairable. Sad events that made me realize wrapping your phone in a cover can be a smart move.

Did your phone ever got damaged accidentally?

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#1. i-Blason Moto X Case

Hands down the best case that's available right now for the Moto X is this i-Blason case. You can easily slip your Motorola X (bought and owned by Google) into the custom fit kickstand case that has two layers of protection. The inside layer of silicone offers protection against sudden shocks and dampens the impact of wild movements. The reinforced hard shell clips on the outside fit around the phone like a glove.

The stand functionality is super useful if you ever use your phone to watch video material or even when just reading or answering email.

The edges of the design are slightly raised so even when it lies face down on the floor or table your glass won't get scratched.

i-Blason is an experienced case builder and makes models for all available and popular phones. They even offer 1 year warrranty on the case. It may even outlive your phone.

#2. i-Blason Softgel

The i-Blason SoftGel Flexible TPU Case is perfectly capable of keeping your phone safe and scratch free. It was designed specifically with the motorola X in mind. One of its great features are the front raised edges so your glass is proected even when the phone is on the ground or on the floor. The anti slip properties give your Motorola X additional grip even on the most slippery of surfaces.

The softgel case is easy to slip onto the smarthone and will stay on even under pressure. Meanwhile you have access to all controls, buttons and the important camera holes are freed up. You can get the case in different colors: Black, Frost Clear, Pink

Probably the best value for money option there is right now.

#3. Supcase Moto X

This case only comes available on the 25th of august. It's a great looking colorful case that functions perfectly well as a protective case. You can still easily manipulate all the features of your phone while the case, made out of high grade soft plastics and hard polycarbonate, slipped on. The case snaps on in a second and it also features a screen protector with bubble free installation.


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