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Best NAS 2016

Updated on November 13, 2015

If you have multiple computers on your network, you should think about getting a network-attached storage device. A simple NAS device can act as a shared drive for backing up and sharing files, while more complex NAS devices can do much more.

The trend with NAS devices have been to become smaller, cheaper and more powerful. You can definitely see the trend in the newest models.

In best NAS 2016 I am going to review 2 of the most popular new NASs on the market.

If you have a WiFi network, the best way to connect a NAS drive is to plug it directly into your WiFi router, with an ethernet cable. Then you can access the data on your NAS with the wired and wireless devices on your network.

Best selling NAS 2016
Best selling NAS 2016
Back of Western Digital My Book Live
Back of Western Digital My Book Live

Western Digital My Book Live

The Western Digital works well with both PC and Mac networks.

All NAS devices allow you to consolidate your movies, music and digital photographs into one secure location. With the My Book Live you can also easily access these files over the internet.

The drive's throughput is around 70 Mb/s. You can set the duration it takes to spin down, coming pre-formatted with an NTFS file system, so no formatting is necessary, as with many other external drives. Previous Western Digital NAS devices had on\off switches, so you had to manualy restart the drive if the power at your home went off. The switch has been removed in the new model.

What is disappointing is that you still need a PC to facilitate it if you wanted to grant access over the web, other than a login into a cpanel of sorts that may have been convenient to users. To enable this you may need WD MioNet software that you'll have to purchase. It's advisable to download the Opera browser providing the same services for free. It's a strong purchase and a fastidious product.

The accessories that come with the drive are a short networking cable, a power supply and an easy-to-install CD, that you need to run before use. The user interface with the device is browser based, you use it to setup users and permissions for the users.

All in all the Wester Digital My Book Live is a easy to use, powerful and well priced product and in my opinion the best NAS of 2016.

Best budget NAS 2016
Best budget NAS 2016
Back of Iomega Home Media
Back of Iomega Home Media

Iomega Home Media 2 TB Network Attached Storage 34571

This device is an easy-to-use and powerful network storage device for any home user. Easily share and access photos, videos and music between all your networks PC's from one central location. You can set this device up in three easy steps accommodating even novices. Playback of media from media adapters like game consoles, digital frames and networked TV's is a cinch, and you have access to its content files from anywhere in the world though a secure connection.

It feeds your music to iTunes through built-in support structures. You can provide access to one printer in the network and having control over which family members can access which files is also possible. Secure your memories and allow for automatic backup through its award winning Roxi Retrospect software (Pc/Mac) and lomega QuickProtect file-level backup. For extra protection you can backup online with the MozyHome's 2GB Online Backup service.

The Home Media Network Hard Drive uses a Gigabit Ethernet connection for fast performance. Automatically share post files to your Facebook, Youtube and Flickr accounts. Create instant slideshows to show friends and family online by basically dropping the files into an Active Folder. Securely access your files from anywhere in the world through internet and downloading of files is made possible through Torrent technology.

On the Iomega Home Media 2 TB Network you can backup all PC's using the award winning EMC Retrospect Express backup software for PC/Mac, or any backup application for that matter. You can use your PS3 to watch TV shows on a HDTV as it automatically finds the device on the network, allowing users to play AVI and Mp3 files. Unfortunately, you cannot use your PS3 to edit files. Even though uploading files is slower, downloading tasks are very fast on this device. Even high resolution video files play back with no delay over the network. The Iomega Home Media 2 TB Network comes highly recommended.

I hope you found one of the network drives in best NAS 2016 to be suitable for your needs. You might also enjoy reading color laser printer review 2016 and wireless mouse and keyboard reviews 2016.


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    • chefmancave profile image

      Robert Loescher 4 years ago from Michigan

      Take a look at the Synology products. They are more expensive but for those "geeky" people out there, the Synology units offer a ton of extras, like FTP management, DNS, remote monitoring, Email management, and the typical media sharing apps. The Synology system menu is simple to use too.