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Best New Tech Gadgets for 2013 Review the Latest

Updated on August 23, 2013
Portable Gaming, 3D technology without glasses, What more could you want?  The 3DS is my prediction for best new gadget of the year.
Portable Gaming, 3D technology without glasses, What more could you want? The 3DS is my prediction for best new gadget of the year.

3d Without Glasses?

Toshiba's No-glasses 3D TV

In 2013 we are sure to see a lot of new great technology and gadgets including improvements to 3D for both monitors, televisions, and gaming systems. Here's a quick recap of 2013's best new gadgets.

Verizon iPhone 4

Starting February 10, 2011 Verizon will be selling an all new iPhone. It looks to be somewhat different than the AT&T version and Verizon's network does not allow you to use data and talk on the phone at the same time, however; for now it looks like they've fixed the antenna issues that Apple had been having. Being able to use someone other than AT&T will be a great addition. (Not that the 3G wasn't already being jailbroken anyway.)


LG is coming out with a much anticipated Blu-Ray player that will allow connectivity between it and your other Wi-Fi devices in your home. It's about time!

3D Games and Gaming without Glasses:

The future of gaming is 3D, the question is no longer if, but when these viable products are coming out. The viability of playing a game in 3D will continue to increase as additional screens that allow viewers to see 3d without glasses come into the market (see the convention videos to the right.)

Nintendo 3ds

The 3DS gave us unprecedented access to 3D gaming with the flexibility everyone wants.

iPad 2

The iPad 2 is clearly the superior tablet device, but at the $600 price range more and more users are looking to the Xoom Android tablet which many say is more laptop-like because it has the Honeycomb OS.

Awesome Gadgets you may have missed in 2010

While we are all awaiting the new Sony Vaio 3d Laptop (you'll still need your glasses), the Verizon iPhone, the Blackberry Playbook, the iPad 2, iPhone 5 and all of the other amazing gadgets and gizmos that will come out in 2011, I thought I'd take a look back at the best selling new gadgets for 2010.

Roku XDS Streaming Player 1080p
Roku XDS Streaming Player 1080p
Apple TV MC572LL/A (2010)
Apple TV MC572LL/A (2010)

Roku XDS and Apple TV

Being able to watch what you want to watch when you want to watch it has not only become something that consumers want out of their media, it's something that they expect. DVR is perfect for recording every TV show, but many times you forget to record an episode, or don't fall in love with a TV show until the second season.

Now you can combine all of your favorite TV shows, movies, and even music with these High Definition Streaming Players.

Roku XDS vs. Apple TV

Summary: You could go out and buy a new expensive TV that has just some of the features included on the Apple TV or Roku XDS (NO PC needed), or you could just add these devices under $100 to your already awesome TV. If you want the name and like the products you already have with Apple, then go with that. I prefer the Roku XDS because of the functional USB port that they offer.

From the Manufacturer (Roku):

What can you do with Roku?

Roku simply brings the largest selection of streaming entertainment choices to your TV.

Over 100,000 movies and TV shows to watch instantly—from Netflix, Amazon Video On Demand, and more. Hulu lovers rejoice —Hulu Plus is now on Roku!

Premium sports: The top leagues like Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League. The main events from UFC and more.

The best tunes: Personalized music from Pandora or MOG, your own iTunes playlists, or radio from around the world.

Plus, tons of other choices, from major network news and original programming to photo and video sharing. More are added every day, so your Roku will always have the most, and the best, in instant entertainment. It's certainly one of my top electronic gifts for this Christmas.


I hope you've enjoyed this post. If you have, then please comment below. As I mentioned, I'll be updating this throughout the year, so make sure you come back and check out my reviews once I have purchased these products, and spoken to others about what they think.

Did I miss something?

Let me know by leaving a comment.


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