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Best Open Source Caching Frameworks for Java

Updated on November 7, 2013



1. JBossCache/TreeCache

JBossCache is a copy of transaction caching, which allows you to cache an enterprise-level application data to improve the performance. Cached data is automatically copied, lets you work easily between the Jboss server clusters. JBossCache consists of two modules: TreeCache and TreeCacheAOP. TreeCache is a transactional cache copy of the tree structure and TreeCacheAOP is an "object-oriented" caching, which uses AOP to dynamically manage POJO



2. OSCache

OSCache is a groundbreaking application of JSP custom tags, provide fast memory buffer functionality within an existing JSP page. OSCache is widely used, high-performance J2EE caching framework. OSCache works best to cache any Java application for the normal solution. OSCache comes with the following features:

  1. Cache any object of JSP page or any part of HTTP request
  2. Available API, which gives you comprehensive programs to control all OSCache attribute.
  3. Cluster cache data can easily configurable specifying parameters which do not need code modification.
  4. User can have a maximum control on expired cache objects.




JCACHE is an upcoming standard specification (JSR 107), illustrates a temporary in-memory Java cached objects. It includes object creation, shared access, spooling (spooling), invalidity and maintain the consistency of the JVM. It can be used for caching JSP's most frequently read data, such as a product catalog and price list. Using JCACHE, the majority of query response time decreases because of the caching of the data and speed.



4. Java Caching System

JCS is a sub-project of the Jakarta Turbine project. Objects can be buffered in memory or can be stored on the hard drive.JCS also provides construction of distributed architecture with buffer to achieve high performance. Objects can be temporarily stored in a buffer for frequent visits and visit which are very resource-intensive, which can improve performance.



5. Shoal - Java clustering framework

The Shoal is a Java-based dynamic clustering framework that can be extended to build fault-tolerant, secure and available for Java applications to provide infrastructure support. It can also be integrated to any framework if you do not want to bind it to any specific communication protocol. It requires a clustering and distributed system supports for any Java product.



6. sccache

Sccache is an in-process and secondary cache, shared caching technique. It stores the cached object on disk. Support the associated Key of any size of data. COM objects use by the caching system. it has automatic garbage collection.

7. Jofti

Jofti is layer caching (support for OSCache and EHCache,JBossCache). Objects are stored in a structure that supports the Map interface for indexing and searching. This framework also use for the deletion of an object in the index. It provides transparent functionality to change search query that can be implemented using simple functions.

I am sure I missed most of caching framework, please feel free to comment if you know any other java caching framework.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Yes EHCache is one I have been using, Its not listed here, But great article though. thank you

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      EHCache is missed out.


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