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Anker Astro E5 - The Anker Charger

Updated on May 28, 2014

My Anker E5

Stylish looking Anker Astro
Stylish looking Anker Astro

Why I Purchased This Device

I recently purchased the Anker USB phone charger for an overseas family holiday and decided to buy the 15000mAh Dual USB Portable Charger model.

For a non-techy person it doesn't mean a lot so to keep it simple mAH is just a way of measuring a batteries energy storage. The more mAH a battery can store , the more charge it will deliver to the devices it is charging.

Back to my family holiday... with eight to nine hour flights either way, 3 kids, 3 mobile devices (although these obviously can’t be used for making calls during air travel) and 5 tablets I just wanted everyone to be happy on the flights, or at least be distracted enough by their gaming consoles so that the flights passed as quickly as possible!. Allowing the various tablets to run out of juice was not an option.

Travelling around a fair bit was as on the agenda too so charging on the go was also a necessity. I needed a battery charger that was not only going to be reliable but it also had to store enough charge to ensure that more than one device could be charged if needed.

Dual USB ports
Dual USB ports

Features I Looked For Before Buying

My top 3 most important features:

Indicator lights are extremely useful. They let you know when the battery is charged and ready for use.

As the battery power is used the lights also indicate how much power is remaining, how many more charges it can provide and potentially what type of devices can still be charged (it won’t actually tell you this but you can easily work it out after charging your devices a few times).

Fit for purpose, simply put I wanted to know that it would be up to the job. There’s no point buying a portable phone and battery charger if you don’t know how to operate it or it doesn’t provide you with the charging solution you were looking for.

The device must provide at least one 100% full charge (minimum) and also charge a tablet, this is essential for long journeys or journeys without access to a reliable power source.

Dual USB ports are extremely useful should you want to charge more than one device at the same time, an important factor to consider. The Anker Astro E5 has 2 usb charging ports so is really quite impressive and easy to use.

How Chargers Measure Up

RATING (max 5)
Anker Astro E5
Easy Acc Ultra
Maxboost Electron Plus
Anker 2nd Gen Astro
Data courtesy of Amazon. While the ratings are quite similar it is clear to see that Anker Astro has far more fans than its rivals.

My E5 Findings

As you can see I purchased the black model as I like the look of the blue LED's against the shiny ebony black varnish, there is also a white model to choose from.

The exterior is plastic but solid and weighs roughly 11 ounces. The main on/off button also has a solid feel too.

It will give charge to most tablets and mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy devices, HTC's Motorola etc etc and is suitable for use with all DC-5V input devices. This will generally cover most mobile devices but if you're unsure you should refer to the devices user guide. So far I have charged an iPhone, a Sony Xperia, a Samsung tablet and another bespoke tablet.

There are 4 blue LED's on the front of the device, each representing 25% of the total battery power. There is also an in-built flashlight between the 2 USB ports for use in poor light conditions.

The dual USB ports allow for high speed charging of more than one device.

Reported to be the most compact 15000aMH external battery, its huge capacity is reported to be able to charge an iPhone 7 times.

Battery Performance Test 1
Battery Performance Test 1

Anker Astro E5 Performance Test 1

As you can from the image the 4 LED's on my Anker Battery Charger are lit up which means it's fully charged and ready to go.

The first bit of tech that I'm going to charge is my Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3. The time that I started this performance test is 9:19pm and my tablet has just 15% of battery life remaining.

Test 1 Result
Test 1 Result

Performance Test 1 - Result

As you can see from this image my Galaxy Tablet is now up to 65% which is fantastic and it only took 1hr and 50 minutes. Therefore to charge the tab fully one can estimate that it will take a little under 4 hours.

Also remember that you are also able to use your tablet while charging which is a great time saver if you want use of your device immediately.

Impact on the charger - as you can see the 4 LED's are still lit up meaning it has between 75% and 100% charge remaining.

Test 2 Sony Xperia
Test 2 Sony Xperia

Performance Test 2 - Sony Xperia

For my next test I am charging my Sony Xperia which has just 19% of battery life remaining. The time is 9:50pm and I still have my 4 LED's remaining on the charger.

Test 2 Result
Test 2 Result

Performance Test 2 - Result

From the attached image it can been seen that my Xperia phone has charged to 81% and the time is 11:49pm.

That's an increase of 62% in just 2 hours so you can summize that it takes a little less time to bring back to life than the tablet.

You will also notice that one of the blue LED's has gone, meaning that there is now between 50% and 75% charge remaining. More than enough to recharge an iPhone, iPad and so on.


As you can see this charger is a great bit of kit which clearly gets the job done. For me it ticks all the boxes:

  • it breathes life back into my gadets (battery life)
  • is able to charge more than 1 device at a time if need
  • tells me how much energy it has remaining
  • and looks stylish

Negatives - I've not found one yet!

For just under $50 I can highly recommend this if you're looking for a portable battery charger, portable phone charger or simply the Anker Astro E5.


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    • ProjectResolute profile image


      4 years ago

      Great Article, and I agree with you. The Anker E5 is one of the top battery packs out there!


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