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Best Practices for PC Technician Professionals

Updated on February 16, 2010


There are a number of tools that PC technician professionals use to satisfy their customers. Their clients require the most professional service to be satisfied and this is how its done. These products can be obtained from many stores that host technology products. This means these techniques can be used by everyday people as well.


In simple terms, multimeters are used to measure the amount of electricity coming through a plug. Because different computers require different amounts of electricity, its important to know how much your socket gives out.

It measures voltage, current, and resistance. It usually comes with two probes with colored leads( one red and one black). These are plugged into two sockets on the meter.These leads can be switched from different sockets and might have selector switch(es). There are digital meters that display numeric values of measurements. Analog meters uses a needle that's on an arc, swinging to indicated that value of your measurements. Some have specific settings for testing circuit continuity, diodes, or battery charges.

PC Toolkit

Having a PC toolkit prepares you for any situation that you may have to address as a PC technician professional. Because of the complexity of personal computers, there are many types of specialty hardware toolkits that are used for PC maintenance and repair. Some toolkits vary depending on the type of computer you have.

Software Diagnostic Tools

It's a computer repair program that analyzes hardware and software components and runs tests to identify any available problems. Some of these programs can repair damage to software and optimize settings. Most O.S (Operating Systems) come with several software diagnostic tools. Computer stores have ailes of products exclusively based in the topic of utility software created by third party software manufacturers.


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