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Best Prepaid Callings Cards for Long Distance Phone Calls in the USA

Updated on September 14, 2010

Recommended Prepaid Calling Cards

After working on reviewing phone cards for making international calls all these years I have been receiving a lot of requests about long distance phone cards, which are specifically used for making calls within the United States.

So I decided to do some research on a few companies that I have been using consistently.

So far I found that Nobelcom and Speedy Pin offer reliable phone cards with really cheap call per minute rates. Now there are many more companies to look into. And as I always, when it comes to buying phone cards on the Internet you must do some comparison shopping to find the best companies for the best rates.

Here's a quick rundown of recommend phone cards

I've been recommending and using Nobelcom's products for years and to date I have never had any issues with their services. Though there were times that I could not connect my call. But these things happen. And who's to say it's not on my end that has the problem but the the country I am trying to call. After all, not every country has the same telephone infrastructure. Some countries have really outdated technology.

But that's a moot point because if you are dialing within the United States you should not have any problems at all regarding connection and call quality.

For $20 this card will give you 2220 minutes.
For $20 this card will give you 2220 minutes.


This is the cheapest rate offered through Nobelcom. But notice there's a .69¢ weekly maintenance fee. Simply put, you get charged .69¢ every 7 days, whether you use it or not. Sounds bad doesn't it? The 3 minute rounding means that even if your call lasted for 2 minutes you get charged the full 3 minutes. Sounds worse now doesn't it?

Well USA phone card is meant for short time use. So if you know that you will be having a long conversation within a one week period than this is the card that you should be choosing.

For $20 this card will give you 1428 minutes.
For $20 this card will give you 1428 minutes.

USA Super Talk

The next step up is USA Super Talk. It cost slightly more at 1.4¢ per minute. But it has a much more reasonable maintenance fee of .49¢ a month, with a 2 minute rounding.

This would be a better option if you know you will be making leisure calls within a months time.

$20 will give you 1053 minutes.
$20 will give you 1053 minutes.

Patriot USA

This is the phone card I recommend if you are not making a lot of calls in a short period of time. At only 1.9¢ per minute with no maintenance fees and only 1 minute rounding, Patriot USA phone card is quite reasonable.

A $20 card will get you 833 minutes.
A $20 card will get you 833 minutes.

1 Second United States

This card will cost you 2.4¢ per minute, with no maintenance fees and just 1 second rounding, so you will get the truest minutes.

However, in my opinion you might as well get the Patriot USA phone card which only cost 1.9¢ per minute, with no maintenance too and a 1 minute rounding.


As you can see it's a good idea to figure out how often you will be making your calls, so you can decide which card to choose properly.

All of these cards expire 1 year after use. They are all rechargeable and even PINless so you will not have to remember another set of numbers. Also the rates that are advertised are the same for calling a land line and mobile phone.


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