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Best Processors for Watch Dogs-Budget processors to Buy For Maxout Gameplay 2014

Updated on June 6, 2014

Watch Dogs is now viral on the Internet World.This game has released for PC recently.It is an open world action adventure game like GTA 5 published by Ubisoft.In this game,the entire arena is inspired from the city of Chicago.You can find an image beside this paragraph which shows difference between the real Chicago and Virtual Chicago in Watch Dogs.Watch dogs has that high graphics that even you may get confused about which is the real image of Chicago.That's why,i have mentioned the real and "in game" photos in the picture.

Sometimes,it even seems that Watch dogs graphics are better than the real world.That's why this game is often called as "MOTHER OF GRAPHICS".In this game,you have to take the role of a computer Hacker who can hack every electronic device using his smart phone which is carried by him all the time.This game has been released for Windows,MAA,PS4,PS3,XBOX and even Wii on 27th May 2014.Since this game has high graphics,many of your Computer may not run this game.Some of your PC's may run this game,but with irritating Lag.As a gamer,i too know that getting killed will not irritate the gamer,but LAG does.That's why,i have took a decision and made enough search to find best processors for Watch dogs to play on PC without LAG.These all are budget processors for a given range.But,before going to best processors for watch dogs,first have a look at the Gameplay,screenshots and PC requirements of Watch dogs.

Watch Dogs PC Gameplay HD

Watch Dogs Game-PC System Requirements

2.66 GHz Quad-core Intel
Graphic Card
Nvidia GTX 460 Or more
8 GB
Hard Disk Space
30 GB

Watch Dogs PC gameplay Screenshots

After having a look at the PC requirements,many of your computers may not have met the minimum requirements.Also note that,the requirements given above are just minimum.If you play watch dogs with minimum requirements,then you may not play with ultra settings and even Lag irritates you when you do multiple tasks on your computer while playing Watch dogs.So,i have decided not to show processors that meet minimum requirements but to show processors that meet recommended requirements of Watch dogs.I have given processors for every range of budget.So,have a look at them now.

Best Processors for Watch dogs Under 200$ in Intel and AMD


After a decent research in the market and getting help from a Computer hardware Merchant(friend),i have finally selected Intel i5-4570 as the best choice to play watch dogs on a processor in intel under 200$.It's price is bordering to 200$ in amazon and i have done a benchmark test for this.

FPS Range: 35-55

Well,this is pretty good FPS range for playing Watch dogs on your PC.But,you have to make sure that you have a good graphic card installed in your PC.For budget graphic cards to play watch dogs,please scroll down.

Which one do you Prefer Mostly ?

See results

In AMD under 200$

In AMD,for latest PC games to run on High performance,they have been releasing processors on the FX series.Out of FX series,i have selected FX-8320 as the best choice as it meets the budget and has some good specifications.A friend of mine has this processor and he pre-ordered Watch Dogs.But,he is not having a good performance while playing Watch dogs as he don't have a good graphic Card.Anyway,if you have a well performing graphic card,then you can play this game effectively.The Benchmark results are given below.Have a look at them now.

FPS range: 35-45 (Basing on your Graphic Card.).For budget graphic cards to play watch dogs,please click here.

Best Processor For Watch Dogs Between $200-$300

This range suits good for playing Watch dogs in ultra settings.I have selected to processors in this range for watch dogs one from AMD and one from Intel.

In Intel between $200-$300

In this Range in intel,there is no other choice except i5-2500K .This is probably the best gaming processor in the range between $200-$300.Yes,it seems to have some great features in it.It has a quad-core processor with a clock speed of 3.3 GHz.Isn't it enough for playing Watch dogs.That's why i personally use this graphic card on my PC with a GTX 760 graphic card.I have personally done benchmark test for watch dogs using these specs and i have found these results.

FPS Range: 60-80. Yes,amazing.This made me happy.I have completed Watch dogs up to 13% while remaining 87% has yet to be completed.I personally recommend you all to buy this graphic card to have an optimum Gameplay of Watch dogs.

Watch Dogs gameplay on i5-2500K

In AMD Between 200$-300$

In AMD there are some good processor deals between this range.But,after having a good research i have found FX-9370 as the best choice.As FX series is meant for gaming,i have searched for processor below $300 in amazon and finally found FX-9370 as the best choice.

It is an Octa-core processor with a clock speed on 4.4 GHz and maximum speed of 4.9 Ghz.It is available for 64 bit only.Snce it is a high end processor,it can easily run Watch Dogs with ultra settings and i have performed a benchmark test and results are amazing and are given below.

Minimum FPS: 55

Maximum FPS: 90

These benchmark results may vary as your graphic card varies.I use Nvidia GTX 760 Graphic card.

Watch Dogs Gameplay on AMD FX-9370


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      Justinas 3 years ago from Earth

      Too bad im too poor for this game. But still nice hub very infromative.