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Best Professional Digital DJ System on a Budget M-Audio Torq MixLab

Updated on January 12, 2011

M-Audio Torq MixLab Digital DJ System

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If you ever wanted to flirt with the idea of being a DJ, and buying some equipment it can be a daunting task. There are so many choices, even just for mixers and turntables. M-Audio are one of the top manufacturers of home DJ equipment providers. They make speakers, mixers and basically anything to do with the DJ world.

The M-Audio Torq MixLab Digital DJ System promises to be everything you need to start producing and performing your very own DJ sets right out of the box. Lets see what this digital MP3 DJ table is all about.

The X-Session Pro USB controller you get with the Torq MixLab is a smart looking piece of kit, if a bit larger than it actually needs to be. Saying that it is relatively compact and feels well built. It is compatible with both PC and Mac straight out of the box, and the software is really good. With the package you get the LE edition of the massively powerful Torq software called Torq LE. It is actually not that cut down at all and features many of the features of its bigger fully professional brother. It puts songs into a searchable layout and can also access your iTunes library for instant party anthems, essential for any DJ requests.

If anyone has used a DJ program like Traktor you will find Torq LE familiar for the basic functions, which is a good thing, however it is so much better having a controller than using mouse and keyboard. I personally find the beat matching and automatic beat detection to be really impressive. Only on a few tracks has it ever skipped a beat! The M-Audio Torq MixLab also features standard headphone cueing and cross fader, as well as filters and strobe effects etc.

MP3 DJ Mixing for Beginners and Pros?

Yes! The combination of low cost, and high features mean it does not matter if you are a DJ beginner with no previous mixing experience or someone who knows how to mix and is looking for a digital solution to match their skills. It has a wide user range in this respect.

Recommendation: If you are going to start getting into the life of a DJ, you HAVE to get some decent speakers. The Torq MixLab is not a soundcard or processor so it does not affect audio quality. However as mentioned previously M-Audio make some amazing DJ speakers that will fit PCs and Macs. Here are some examples of varying size suitable for most upcoming DJs and would make you setup come alive.


I really recommend the Torq MixLab Digital DJ System. It is easy to use, but has enough to keep you progressing. The Torq LE software can be described in a similar way. Together you can not go wrong as a great starter DJ package for mixing from your computer whether it be PC or Mac. Even a few years back the idea of being able to spend just $99 on a DJ system which involved no extra purchases of songs on a different format was madness. Just this one relatively small piece of kit can replace you having to buy multiple large pieces of kit. The M-Audio Torq MixLab is portable, compact and a seriously powerful piece of kit. Impressive.

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M-Audio Torq MixLab Digital DJ SystemM-Audio Torq MixLab Digital DJ SystemM-Audio Torq MixLab Digital DJ System Software
M-Audio Torq MixLab Digital DJ System
M-Audio Torq MixLab Digital DJ System
M-Audio Torq MixLab Digital DJ System
M-Audio Torq MixLab Digital DJ System
M-Audio Torq MixLab Digital DJ System Software
M-Audio Torq MixLab Digital DJ System Software


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