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Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Updated on February 8, 2012

Search Engine Optimazation

Best SEO Niche

Before we start, for the people who do not know yet the SEO, this stands for the abbreviation Search Engine Optimization, this term was first use by John Audette and his company Multi Media Marketing Group of August 1997. The user sends a keyword, via their browser, to an application to the search engine. This examines the contents of HTML file held on the server and compiles a list of any that include the keyword. It is where you can query all of the various questions that might comes into your mind and can help you solve your problems most especially those who have business on internet marketing.

Trend Niche, this is the discovery of new trends to advertise your products in the world of selling. There are many search engines that should visit for to get creative ideas and these are social medias like, TV, Radio, Internet, Watching Prime-Time TV shows, news, meeting with friends, families and others that can gather fresh ideas to promote new products in the world of market. If you are a person whose patience is long enough to go through the different places that can absorb new thoughts, you will be able to discover different things that can be of use to your business marketing. Moreover, there are kinds of strategies to make your search more effective one of the examples here is by the use of the keen eye search for something that has potential to catch on ideas and eventually rise in popularity.

Search engines have various kinds of site to look for whatever topics you want to hunt and this may serve as Informative SEO topics. I am giving you some examples, for you to relate on the topic that I am talking about. One of this is the SE Roundtable that chooses reports that have already a synopsis on the things that you want to find on the internet, that may gives clear details on marketing threads. Likewise, one is the Video Tutorials, this will make clear views on the type of whatever you are searching for. Some of these are Blogs, Articles and news and others that you might use to search on the topic you want to find on the internet. On the world of internet there are billions of search engines that you might visit to search for, one of the popular search engines are the “Google Search” & “” and many more.

To make the searching more effective, there are ways to consider in finding the right path to search, the Keyword stuffing, it is the act of stuffing excessively many key words on a web page to find what you are searching for in the internet. This is widely use by some of the surfers to find imaginative ideas that can be use on the market world. However, there were instances that by using this method you will experience some awful incident that may annoy you for sometimes it may give you results that has no connection to the one you are searching. And be very careful on the different sites that might exist on the search engine. Some of it has viruses that can harm your computer and may ruin your reputation as an internet businessperson.


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    • Kendra Fowler profile image

      Kendra Fowler 6 years ago from Manhattan, New York

      Keyword stuffing is one area where SEO beginners should take extra care. The permissible limit is that the keywords should be between 1% and 3% of the total number of words in the content.

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